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Rufus McKean suspended by Glasgow

Pieter Steph du Teague

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Apr 12, 2015
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Rufus McLean has been suspended by Glasgow Warriors after pleading guilty to domestic violence charges.

This article makes for pretty grim reading.

I've met Rufus a couple of times. He was best mates growing up with one of my housemates. He always seemed like a nice enough lad but this is despicable. Glasgow have to tear up his contract.

Just so idiotic. Was a real talent and had a whole career ahead of him, just to throw it away like this.
And confirmed as sacked by Glasgow. I'm not sad to see anyone who is proven to give someone incapable of fighting back a black eye and busted lip destroy their future.

I do think more should be done to inform adolescents (particularly men) about how hormones and body chemistry can help turn a person with character failings into a complete scumbag and what the consequences of a criminal record are even if you don't end up in jail. I think we are all just expected to stumble on into life situations where our minds fundamentally change and give us sometimes idiotic urges.

Also, never plead guilty to anything that is likely to not result in a custodial sentence (unless you get offered a fine like Sunak which should come off your record after a few years). Even if Rufus now gets a slap on the wrist, because he pled guilty he will have a criminal record for a minimum of 20 years (impacting on employment and emmigration opportunities for those 20 years). Plus any employer will know he assaulted a woman and any future partner (or their family) can ask the police to tell them about his history of domestic abuse (a moot point in his case since it's now in the public domain).

I don't say it often, but well done to the SRU. It might explain why they picked up that 31 year old English winger for this 6N.

I also think this is a textbook example of why the police up here are pretty darn good at prioritising domestic abuse and producing robust cases that might easily be written off as 'he said, she said'.

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