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Rugby 08 confirmation ?



Just heard a little whisper that certain parties outside of EA should be getting a look at Ruby 08 around the June mark. Its also likely that release would be September.

Regardless of these dates there is some definate confirmation now that this ***le exists and more importantly is definately set for a release.

P.S Put the question mark in the ***le as no one needs to take this as gospel, its just your standard forum user info.

Also heard that so far there is only confirmation of a PS2 ***le in, respect of Sony consoles at least. I would take it as given that there will also be at the least an xbox and pc version.

P.P.S Lox will back up the above info FWIW.
sweet thanks for the info. i guess we might here something from locksley soon or maybe around june
Its always good to keep hearing things, it certainly means its not dead...
I hope they dont change the Game Engine? that means i will have to wait for an importer or hex things into the game! But it is good news there is another EA Rugby. . . . . . :bravo:
That is awesome news....but September seems so far away. Do you reckon they've utilised the extra development time, or just started development on the game later?
i doubt hb-studios/ea would have used the extra time for development. they just want to release the game near rwc time.
Give me Rugby 06 with Late Tackles, a more realistic/deeper World League mode (even if you just split up the World League into a North and South Conference and have players age/retire/new young guns prop up) and online play i'll be happy.
September seems so far away but I can't wait ........ Even for some screen shots in June
fantastic news. been watching these boards like a hawk for some info and now we have some. great times. if its on 360 then even better.

if its on xbox360 then there should be some cool achievement points to unlock
anyone else worried about the prospect of buying allstar teams ie barbarians, lions, maoris due to marketplace, i hope that isnt the case
The Gamesman has the same date as Gameplanet. No Xbox 360 version listed at the moment though.
And then there was 08

love it

'Knows' knows, and locks backs up - nothing but NET

x360 bring me one of those versions please
dont know what to think of this but take a look!! Gameplanet have Rugby08 on there site, and release date of 19th july!! make of it what you like!! http://www.gpstore.co.nz/Games/1540986.html

If its coming out in July in NZ we should be hearing about the game now surely? Looks like us Brits are going to have to wait a bit longer!

My feeling is that the game won't be a big 'revolutionary' step up from rugby 06, which is no bad thing. Like all EA sports games a new 'big feature' will be introduced, similar to impact players, and off-loads on 06. This year it might be the big D, like Madden or a new career mode. My fear is that the basic gameplay won't improve as much as it should because the formula has already been set. They'll tweak it but basically its all about adding more features. Anyway lets see what happens in the coming weeks!! :)


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