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Rugby 08: .Exe anyone?

Good day. I was hoping that someone could help me. I have installed the mods on my game (trf 22 and Jimw main stuff) and everything is working fine. Although i've started playing world league recently and I saw that you cant buy any players and also you have 0k transfer fees. After my first season, I have won the division 3 and got promoted to division 2 and got a message saying the transfer window has opened up again and that I can purchase player again, but no players appear and i still have no money. My question now is, is this because of the mods or is there something I can do to change that I can get money to purchase players?

There is the solution. You will have to delete a file. But you will have to start a new WL again. Jim explains it there.
I too am having the game crash on me, with the files referenced here, and don't know what to do.

Any help will be most welcome!

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