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Rugby 08 NEW INFO!

Lox has been quiet today hasn't he?

Although something tells me he isn't going to be for very long ;)
Lox has been quiet today hasn't he?

Although something tells me he isn't going to be for very long ;)


Ha ha ha!

True! I'll add my tuppence worth very shortly....

And then there's the videos..... ;)
I guess the fact that we have the same tournaments means that we have the same team list that Rugby 06´.

That´s kind of dissapoinjtimg ; if the gameplay is improved it doesn´t seem too hard to add a few teams or tournamenmts plus stadiums.

Any news on the editing capabilities?; it would be great to edit your local club or province.

Of course: thanks a lot Knowsley and to "THE SOURCE" too
I can't make my mind up after 10 minutes play. It feels like a cross between rugby 06 and Rugby challenge! Players feel more "weighty" and it's very slick.... but the graphics are more on a par with Rugby 04 during open play than 06. It's doesn't feel as "Stuttery" as 06.

It's weird!!!!

I've sussed how to sort camera angles out and they are VERY customisable, but I haven't found one that changes ends like the "Classic 2" cam from 06.

I like the way the camera moves out as you're going to Punt! Very nice move.
Here's 1 for u lox,

How good are Isa Nacewa and Rocokoko? The blues are top class. Ask Knowsley :D
This could be something you may not be at liberty to answer yet, but here goes...

In BLIC 2007 (and 2005) World Cup and Champions Trophy were both licenced, however the quickplay matches outside of the world cup mode were not. So, I guess what I'm trying to ask is: In Rugby 08 are all the teams in the World Cup (including Portugal, Namibia, Romani) licenced throughout the game? Or is it like BLIC?

Also, are the other teams such as Russia, and Spain (if includued) licenced? And the PI and Barbarians??

After an hours play I can't make my mind up. I've not found ONE single camera angle I like. EA have made a BIG boo boo by stopping the camera switching ends so that it's always behind the team in possession. It's so bloody hard to tackle the player coming into the screen.

Most of the hour I've been fiddling around with the camera angles trying to find a perfect one. I've come to the conclusion that there ISN't one!!!

It's a strange hybrid of Rugby 06, WCR and (Shock) Rugby 2004. Something just isn't quite right with it but I can't grasp what it is.
try the camera angle from the side locksley, thats who i always use it and once you get used to it its a pretty good view.
wheres that guy thats bagging yah?

lol sweet info

EDIT: Super12?
i'm here and while its kind of vague i have to admit that hes the first with some real information.

p.s. i wasn't bagging just one of his posts that seemed stupid. B)
Tbh I don't mind if its a update of rugby 06. As long as they sort out,
* Turnovers = The source has said that turnovers out wide, but not around the pitch, as yet
* Playing France without injuring 5 or more oppositions players
* Being able to select a player out of his natural position = I hated when your centre got injured & you forgotten to put a centre on the bench. So you pick your winger to cover you in the centre position & every time he received the ball, he would knock on the ball.

These are not direct questions, it's more of a statements than questions.

Thanks Locksley & Knowsley for the info!! :cheers:
here here!

lol great info so the camera angles suck... any positives?

so far its a mixed package IMO from what i've heard..

thanx for the info!
hey dude thanks for the updates, what format are you playing on PC or PS.!!!! Keep up the GREAT work.! :)
try the camera angle from the side locksley, thats who i always use it and once you get used to it its a pretty good view. [/b]

I did, and it's awful. it goes too far out. you can zoom it in, but I can't seem to get it right. I cannot defend on side view at all.
Sweet info dudes, I just have a couple of questions, has the A.I improved at all ? Is the right analogue more responsive ?
Great stuff Locksley! Thanks for the info :) You are doing a great job.

However people we have to all realise something abut Locksley when it comes to his actual ability at playing a game..haha...hes a bit on the useless side :cheers: ....so if he sounds down about the game its not all doom and gloom lol! This may be a good sign because he was happy with all of them before except R2006.....so things could be looking up :D He also plays on those weird end on cams and has never been able to defend properly from the side view.....I think that says it all lol! No offence locks....btw...I have taken a photo of a car here in Auckland that had as its number plate "Loxley"

Just give the game to some seasoned animation cancelling people...and we will work out ways to bend the programme to make it play much much better...only last week I found out another way to better receive the ball on the run at any angle you want...much better than the instant takeoff move :)

So yeah Locks....the game could actually be ok.....keep the info coming though so we can already start planning ways of bending the programming hehe.....
I think a roster update with a few tweaks and new animations is better than nothing. But I hope they haven't ruined side view! Side view is great in 06!

Is the presentation, ie the try celebrations etc the same?

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