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Discussion in 'Rugby Challenge Series' started by Los Lover, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    <<**** game sure>>

    Just clarifying that I mean Rugby 2004 - not your game at all.

    here goes nothing..... [​IMG]
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  3. Springbok

    Springbok Guest

    me NZ 33 - 10 Eng cpu

    Well...that's it for me...the game is now going to the FOR SALE box!
    PS. I couldn't remember wat the sprint button was!! I screwed up badley at the start!
  4. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Well done!

    My games (the first two) were like coming up against some sort of sweeping rugby holocaust! They were blowing thru tackles, fending skull etc...and that was just England on me in the first half...struggled in the loose and had to tackle throughout the game like a f***ing demon to keep my line secure - which I could not! lol! Neither in my warm-up game nor in the first test (or second really)!

    But then came my scientific-experiment-born-of-frustration-and-wanting-to-post something-formidable third test...more on this later in the post...

    I wasn't sure with NZ whether I wasn't at my best or whether they played like rabid dogs....I'm still too sweaty to get to grips with (lol)

    First test: Eden Park

    NZ - 24 10 - ENG

    tries: Umaga, Lomu (a Lomu classic), McCaw (actually one of the best tries I have ever scored! He took the pass and somehow ran 55 metres. f***!), Howlett

    cons:Spencer: 1/2 (then injured along with Mauger!? %$#@)
    Carter: 1/2

    tries: J Wilkinson
    cons: J wilkinson 1/1
    pen: J Wilkinson 1/1

    2nd test: Melbourne (WC Final that never was)

    NZ - 26 8 - ENG

    tries: Lomu (2), Spencer (easily one of the best tries I have ever scored), Umaga
    cons: Spencer 3/4 (4th off post - classic Spencer! lol!)

    tries: Cohen (79th min - damn it!!!)
    cons: M Dawson 0/1 (I repaid their injuring me by breaking Wilkinson's leg!!)
    pen: J Wilkinson 1/1

    Bit disappointed really....although I enjoyed the contests, I felt that England were perhaps a tad unfairly rated! So I will enter my score for England! As I played the last test as them! Betraying my SH roots in favour of chasing something memorable...Mwwaaahahahahaha!! [​IMG]

    As soon as I saw the slightly quicker squad I knew that this was my only option to sign a pact with the devil and open up a can of what I can only describe on a 20 minute game on hard as a 10 litre can of whoop-ass!!

    Third test: Suva, Fiji (I kid U not!)

    ENG - 91 NZ - 0 (!! - OMG!)

    tries: L. Moody, M Dawson, James S-Daniel (2), D Luger (3), Robinson (6)
    cons: J Wilkinson 13/13 (f***! does the guy miss?)

    So there is my entry a SH traitor entering my 91 - 0 scoreline (and margin too) with a tear in my eye but a smile on my face.....hehe.

    Bring on more scorelines.

    SA, Australia? Take a pot at the English on hard as per rules already stated. Having put away the game for a while (probably most of us for sure) you'll be surprised at the threat they pose.

    Will organise scores once there are more.

    Still disappointed with my NZ efforts (I was up 21 - 0 in the second test after 22 mins and then England dropped a virtual iron curtain down over the it was funny in the most painful way as I watched those mins tick away...!

  5. Los, great idea, but this is a Rugby 2005 thread . . . [​IMG]

    But, you've inspired me to actually play a game of 2**4 -- this is no small accomplishment. So I will play it tonight when I get home, and if I can last the duration of the match (without breaking the game) I will honestly post my score.

    I haven't played a full match on R*gby 2**4 since April 7th 1945. World War II was long over and I found myself with some spare time . . .
  6. Brumbies_05

    Brumbies_05 Guest

    NZ (me) 42-7 Eng (cpu) on hard still the worst game i own when i saw the openning movie I had to hold myself back from turning it off. Lomu scored 4 tries King Carlos 1 and Umaga 1 Carlos coverted all to easy.
  7. jgough

    jgough Guest

    I can't believe anybody actually kept R*gby 2*04. Mines long gone. Thank God.

    Jamie Gough
  8. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I know...I know! [​IMG]


    But it was actually the most fun I've ever had on the shined up piece of turd..hehe!

    And now we'll see if the Nhers can beat my 91-0....which like a Judas I enjoyed far more than I had a right to!! lol! The shame of it..

    Solid effort Brumbies05! King Carlos had his radar off for me!! and then when hurt they said "I think it's his knee" (which I remembered they often did...) and I cracked up b/c it was so accidently realistic!

    Caps you crack me up! My average NZ efforts will get eclipsed by just about everyone I would say.....disappointed as I say cos I was playing so well in the second.....dropped a ball in the tackle over the line late in the first....and then only got one more try in about the 80th minute.

    My user had about 90 pumped up players - my team and opposition teams I had forgotten it was a lot more challenging (sort of) with hard and no adjusted stats.

    Shivers England were good in it.

    And it showed me that that whole debate about whether a team's stats were unfair in Rugby 2005, going on this last EA game, show it's really both.(the stats of the team and the squad's members themselves)...the NZ and England stats were very similar.....but England were 1 point higher in the loose and so won a LOT more rucks than I did. Their backs however (England's) were not higher on the overall team stats yet are heaps deadlier because the stats of the individual players are higher in speed and just put the best team on the park in terms of individuals and you could probably find parity with even England's 92 and NZs 91 ranked teams etc.....BUT if rucks remain hard to win against a team with superior "loose" ability and perhaps "scrummaging" you may not find parity of ball.

    Damn! I didn't quite say that properly...but I hope you know what I mean. Just a thought.

    Also...I would like to say (as a Kiwi) that I reckon SA will be a sleeper team in the game. Locksley would know by now probably. They have big forwards and fast backs (Paulse, Habana, Bobo, De Villiers etc), so it would be how you use them. I think their starting XV on the game if you were in control would be good. I think this will please the SA boys. [​IMG]

    Keep the scores coming....Sorry not specifically Rugby 2005 - but it is sort of as it revolved around surviving until it.

  9. Los, first, good point about S.A. in 2005, they could definitely be a hardcore team.

    Now, on to this challenge . . .

    What a piece of poo. This game is horrible. I hate it. No wonder I haven't played an entire match since . . . well I can't remember the last time I played a full match of this. Nearly a year. Yeah, a year.

    Venue: Windhoek
    Weather: Sunny
    Temp: Mild
    Wind: None
    Half: 10 minutes
    Diff: Hard

    New Zealand (Me) v England (A.I.)

    First half, we begin the match with me shouting, again, about how bad this game is. But, through persistance and concentration, my yelling drowns out John Inverdale and the tenacious English pack -- who've apparently got the best ball retention in the history of the sport.

    Wilkinson slots 3 of his 4 penalties, but not before I first send Lomu, then Carter, over for two well-worked* tries.

    * = as well-worked as you can make them in this "game."

    Carter converts both and we, the All Blacks, go in to half-time leading 14 - 9.

    The second half kicks off and only then do I realize that the clock stops every time the ball goes into touch. 7,000 lineouts follow, making this seem like the longest . . . match . . . I've . . . ever . . . played.

    I slap myself twice -- first one to wake up; second one for buying this game.

    Somehow I'm awarded a penalty and Carter hoofs it over to take me to 17 - 9.

    The English come back with Wilkinson slotting over his 4th penalty of the match. Then there comes a torrent of English attack but I hold them off to win 17 - 12.

    I will never play this game again.

    I will hold on to it, as an example for my future children, and then my future grand-children, of what can happen when you do something in life half-assed.
  10. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    i cant imagine my grandfather attepmting 2 show me a video game
  11. delete this thread...delete it..

    HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF THAT EVIL...words cannot describe such cruelty...cruelty to decent young men and women(bulky ones [​IMG] ) much cruelty

    just delete this [​IMG]

  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest



    At least it was a close game...

    <<best retention (ENG)>>

    I know! I tackled on my line for about fifteen minutes of the second half - was mildly exciting!

    Definitely suck game - but with 90 player stats pumped on my profile I have started doing the Lions Tour of OZ with zero pumped up on my squad and all the Oz teams teaming with 100s 1-all in the tests with one to play after hammering allcomers of provincial level.

    I think I can squeeze enough juice out of this until Rugby 2005.....oh the agony!
  13. actually play NZ vs USA with 5 min halves

    the game is slightly entertaining. I never lost ball posession once :-D

    my final score was NZ 189-0
  14. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Mate - that is off topic and a is not possible to amass that score.

    Quite apasrt from the fact that you were probably not on HARD level......189 points requires almost three tries a minute, this is not possible as there is a certain amount of time required to take aconversion and return to halfway....

    Please stop being silly. [​IMG]

    189 - 21 converted ten minutes that is not possible.
  15. scot

    scot Guest

    hey boys if someone can give me a copy of the cd key ill be able to reinstall my copy of the game and have a go
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