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Rugby 2007 cancelled?

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Hello all,

I've not been on this forum for a while, as rugby games have been thin on the ground. Last year, Rugby 07 was scheduled for a March release on PS2, Xbox and PC. This, according to a couple of my sources, looks to have changed.

Both Sony and Microsoft have a list of games and their release dates, they also have dates which they'll receive them at their HQ for testing. Rugby 07 was down as March for Quality testing at both Sony and Microsoft. However, Rugby 07 has now disappeared from the updated HQ test lists. Now things like this have happened before, usually when a game is put back etc and they're then put on a new list.... but rumblings on Rugby 07 haven't been so sweet!

According to form, Rugby 07 is very unlikely to be released on Next Gen platforms yet, as there isn't the sufficient market for a rugby game on these platforms, and with hardly any new stuff coming out for the last gen platforms, it seems even more unlikely that a this game will be appearing on the PS2 or Xbox either as it wouldn't be "good financial business" to do so. It may be a different story with PC, but I'm still not so sure.

I'll keep my ear to the ground and keep you informed of any changes.

OMG No.... They cant not have a game for the Rugby World Cup, that would just not make financial sense...

For once Lox I do hope your wrong...
OMG No.... They cant not have a game for the Rugby World Cup, that would just not make financial sense...

For once Lox I do hope your wrong...

That's exactly what I thought. World cup next year, it'd be a perfect time to switch Rugby 07 to 360, PS3 etc along with current gen machines. Also, put online play in too.

But that's not what I've heard. :(

I hope I'm wrong too! :(
Its all a sham really, EA and HB wont pull their fingers out of their backsides! I think it will be released end of the summer. I know Rugby 06 was released before the 6 Nations but I think and Early August realase is going to be the case!
I'll eat my hat if they don't do anything to tie in with the World Cup, especially considering it's being held in the Northern Hemisphere this time around.
do any of you people know how to make games?

we should just make our own
do any of you people know how to make games?

we should just make our own
Oh yeah that would really be fun. Hang on i just have to quit my job so i can spend hours on making a rugby game. It should only take a month to have 0.1% progress...no wait 0.2% because you'll probably help me (Yay thats two people working on a game!). Making games is time consuming and not that easy lol. Although if you really cappable of making one go right ahead.
There's a nice guy at Planet Cricket working on a cricket game - admittedly he has a sizeable team. We should try and get him on board....
I can understand the reluctance to release it on the next-gen consoles, but surely it makes financial sense to release it on the PS2 at least??

Anyone have an idea of how well Rugby 06 sold?

And Locksley, telling us this on the first day back at work after Christmas is cruel, very cruel. :ranting:
Why the question mark after the post ***le locks ? There is no question about it. Have also heard from sources other than yours that this game HAS indeed been squished. There is far too much work to be done on 360 and ps3 and apparently EA just cant justify it at the moment. 360 and to compound matters ps3 have hit at the wrong times for us rugby fans.

Its exciting next gen times not niche sport past gen times.


PS Locks, when are you bringing you little wii round for me to laugh at ?
Oh well....looks like Rugby 2006 will become the JLR of rugby gaming for the next how many years as we pull out our old xbox one console (that is what they will refer to it as lol...xbox one!) every once in a while to relive emulating rugby on a console (when we are having a break from playing Gears of War 3 on Xbox 4).

You guys should have continued mastering Rugby 2006 instead of giving up on it and waiting for the next ***le.....mwahahahaha!

I'd say give it two years from now.....then one will come out on xbox360. Until then WORLD DOMINATION LOL!
would definitely be a a shame if it doesn't come out at all - i was just getting used to having a new game each year for PS2 - hopefully someone else will pick up the slack if it's true.
The transition of formats is one big reason, although, I would be guessing sales was a factor. Part of the reason Cricket 07 didn't come out on xbox was the high amount of downloading of the previous version. There are far less chipped PS2's than xbox's out there. Therefore HB sold more PS2 versions of Cricket 05 and decided to release a Cricket 07 on PS2 and PC only.

Rugby 06 was also a big victim of downloading. I made sure I bought a copy. So, I think it's a combination of factors.

Broadband is much cheaper now so people can download large amounts of data a lot faster and these end-gen games aren't selling as well either. So, it's not a major surprise.

Those who download games like Rugby 06 have to learn to support the product if they want it made.

It's all dollars & sense.
Most downloads were obtained for the modding though. A simple way around this would be for EA to release some way of modding their games without ripping and recoding a dvd on the consoles like they try to push people to do for the PC.

Some sort of update pack like the Xbox 360 uses for the backwards compatibility. Or, upload bits and bobs to EA's site then download it again from live.
Probably have something to do with the rift between Microsoft and EA as well!!!
True, getofmeland, very true. I'm sure theres a variety of factors and we know EA and Microsoft aren't bosom buddies either.

Although we heard about crap rugby games like Rugby 2004 selling like hotcakes, we haven't heard much boasting about the sales of the latest editions of Rugby and Cricket.

As for your idea Teh Mite, that'd help too. Mods are nearly always needed for some of these less global sports games.
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