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RUGBY 24 announced...

Nope. What we need is a decent career mode, player progression, player form etc to keep the game interesting but I bet they won't have feature like that (even though rugby 08 did as they are pretty basic).
I feel like they already have a decent gameplay thanks to nacon and hope they keep the same controls so that we all don't have to learn all of the new controls
I'm relieved to hear of the delay.

Sounds odd, but I'm hoping for a game that flows like Pro Evolution Soccer 6 // Winning Eleven in terms of fluidity and different running styles etc.

BigAnt could in theory just leave the FanHub open to fans to make and edit teams, jerseys etc. (although it would be preferred for them to do this as well)
- but the core gameplay will determine how well the game can be built-upon.
130 nations is dumb. The gameplay of top 13 nations is so different than the rest of the top 30. Can't imagine how you fit 50-130 under the same engine.
Tbh just give me RLL4 but Union and I'll be quite happy.
It's not an incredible game, but it'd still be the best RU game since 08, or maybe RWC 2011
Absolutely agree. The passing and lack of being able to draw and pass in RLL4 is very frustrating and would need worked on, along with some ridiculous intercepts and dodgy support lines, but other than that a straight Rugby union port would be pretty good
Tout à fait d'accord. Les passes et le manque de capacité à dessiner et à passer dans RLL4 sont très frustrants et nécessiteraient d'être travaillés, ainsi que des interceptions ridicules et des lignes de soutien douteuses, mais à part cela, un port direct de Rugby Union serait plutôt bien .
quel est ce faux prétexte pour un report de 5 mois de la date de sortie (ce qui n'est pas rien) car "difficultés à accéder à certains joueurs des grandes équipes pour prendre des photos 3D avant la Coupe du Monde. Les designers prennent vraiment les joueurs fans pour des imbéciles. C'est comme RC4 qui devait sortir en septembre 2019 et qui est finalement sorti en juin 2020 et en plus il n'est même pas fini, je ne trouve pas que ça sent bon et je pense plutôt que Nacon et Bigant n'ont pas réussi à travailler ensemble, c'est vraiment très décevant. Comme déjà dit, ça ne m'intéresse pas qu'il y ait 130 équipes si le gameplay ne respecte pas les bases du rugby, la qualité avec la quantité d'accord mais la quantité sans qualité, on ne veut pas il!
c'est comme si des champions de rugby avec un tout petit budget (il n'y en a que deux) avaient fait un jeu où le gameplay est sympa, bien sûr il manque beaucoup d'autres choses mais au moins on s'amuse. Il ne reste plus qu'à espérer, comme il le dit, "qu'on puisse vivre notre passion avec un très bon jeu"
I'm told there is some information at the below link on Rugby 24, it's a French website so someone more able than me may be able to translate.

Not too much in it unfortunately. Mainly talking about the challenges of developing a rugby game given the complexity of the sport/physical contact focus, and a bit of the challenge in doing photogrammetry for 130 nations/15 championships (implied heavily by the article but I really doubt they're doing that for all these teams) and then speaking about the financial challenge of making a rugby game because the market demand is limited to SA, Oceana and Europe.

I guess they also highlighted previous rugby made games weren't triumphs given the complexity of the game and trying to do that justice in additional development, but I'd say that's a common statement of rugby video game developers and not a guarantee of not falling into the same pitfalls
What the hell is this work, I apologize for this vulgarity. There is no information, no video to measure the fluidity of the players, the quality of play and have there been any improvements in the rucks!!!
Does anyone have any pictures or anything that might interest us all?
I tried Rugby 22 this week, the game is better than i thought when i saw some videos. So im looking foward to see Rugby 24 , if it will feature a good improvement in the visuals as it is being developed for PS5, while Rugby 22 was made for PS4. The license of the World cup will be great to improve the game. Only 2 months away if the finally release the game in january.

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