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Rugby and American Football Crossovers


Z-Town Pirate

If you had to pick one current player from each sport to crossover, who would most likely excel?

NFL to Rugby: Maybe Devin Hester from the Chicago Bears. Only his second year in the NFL, but he's a tough defender, great tackler, and on pace to be one of the best kick returners of all-time (already has 10 touchdowns). Great hands and also plays some offense. Put him in at Wing and never look back.

Rugby to NFL: Joe Rokocoko. Big, strong, can make moves in the open field or run over you. Would be a good physical receiver, like Terrell Owens without the attitude problem.
NFL to Rugby: Adrian Peterson, awesome ball carrier would make a great number 8. Dont know if the guy can tackle but would be awesome i think at the back of the scrum
NFL to Rugby - Stephen Jackson i think would be an ace crash ball centre, bosh up the middle!!!!!! would take two men to take him down, and in space would have the pace to go for it!!

Rugby to NFL (Bit of a hard one, crappy suggestion) - Bryan Habana - Running back. Would be absolutely ace rushing. In the open field would really show his pace and acceleration. Has some decent spring to being as a reciever too! :L
NFL to Rugby: I reckon Brian Urlacher at No.8 would be brilliant. Big, fast and strong and an excellent tackler.

Rugby to NFL: Rupeni Caucau. If you could get him fit at about 100kg he would be an awesome RB. Great acceleration and almost untackleable in the open field.

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