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Athletics - Track and field thread

I like that the main finals are in the evening. Weird how they have WCs in consecutive years. Suppose that's because 2021 was cancelled due to clashing with Tokyo.
Bronze for Hughes in the 100. Lyles wins but no where near his predicted 9.65s. I doubt he gets near his predicted 19.1 in the 200 either.

And no where near 19.1s in the 200. He's not getting near Bolt yet.
That was an excellent kick by Kerr in the 1,500. 👍 Well done!

And kudos to Ingebrigsten for coming back to win the 5,000.
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I'm glad the USA did well. But I was most impressed by Ukraine, because their athletes have been training on the road since the war with Russia began. Kudos to them for keeping their spirits up and continuing to compete in these trying times. 👏

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I am hoping this means Russia are banned from next year's Olympics. But we shall see….

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