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ramblin' man

Hi there

I am doing some market research to investigate how many people own a rugby ball. If you can spare a minute, please could you fill in the questionnaire here:


As an added incentive, anyone who completes the questionnaire will be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of tickets to the Investec Challenge match between England and Wales on 4th August at Twickenham.

Thanks for your help
Having filled in the questionaire, and just out of interest, who/what is it for?
would be nice if you post up some info about the "competition"

as this is an internatial board i guess its only available to people in the uk (i know thats pretty broad, but i cant be bothered going to the link)

if it is available to all of the world will you fly us to the game? or do we just get the tickets?
We are doing the research on behalf of a rugby equipment supplier in the UK.

The prize is just the tickets, no arrangement for travel to the match, accommodation etc., and yes open to those in the UK.

Thanks to everyone who has filled it in already


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