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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Mladost RFC, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. Mladost RFC

    Mladost RFC Guest

    I would like to ask everybody a question. Any help is appreciated. I'm a new member and I live in Croatia. I'm coming from the country (Croatia) where rugby is not sport No.1. by popularity so as you can see being a rugby fun in such a country put in front of you lot's of obstacles. Here we can not see rugby broadcast on TV at all. We have in the league only six amateur clubs (including my own Mladost RFC).So only quality rugby that I come accross is through Internet, downloading some games (where there are not many and usually of bad quality)
    So the first thing I like to ask is there on the forum anybody who can help me obtain some, or exchange some rugby matches taped in DivX, Xvid or DVD and burned on empty media. I'm willing to cover cost of shipment etc.
    Thank you all in advance,

    Mladost RFC
    Zagreb, Croatia
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  3. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    No I cant say i have any but if your willing to do it the illegal way (By the way im not claiming that i am downloading any illegal content or in possesion of any software that would allow me to do so). Use torrent sites. Download Peer Guardian to protect you and download utorrent which is the best (or so i've heard) There should be plenty of games, im not sure of the quality but im sure there would be dvd quality vids.
  4. Mladost RFC

    Mladost RFC Guest

    Thanks for reply. I'm using the torrent sites for downloading but the problem is that majority of stuff is low quality and the usually the matches are old so the best you can do is watch matches at least one year old or older.
    What I'm talking here is nothing ilegal. Maybe someone have taped matches that he saw on TV with DVD recorder or similar and have some of that at home.
  5. Dmx#1

    Dmx#1 Guest

    Oh ok try this Sorry, we can't allow URLs to there sites to be posted up theres super 14 games from this year. I pm you the site. Reply if you got the site in your mail.
  6. Mladost RFC

    Mladost RFC Guest

    Thanks mate,
    I'll check this out but on the first glance I already saw June Tour 2007 New Zealand -France game which starts my mouth watering. But form my experience quality videos are in size very close to 1GB or higher. Anything less than that is not good quality. Lot of that stuff I'm already downloaded so far and I'm short on supply :cryy:
  7. you could get matches by satellite TV i think. We can get super 14 matches in france using CanalSat ... so i think you could get some down there.
  8. Mladost RFC

    Mladost RFC Guest

    Some games from French national league I can see from time to time on channel TV5 Monde which I have on my Kabel TV other French satellite channels are usually scrambled. I tried to obtain here SKY package of channel's (and I'm interested in SKY Sports 1,2,3) but whole investment will cost me (in the beginning) around 1200 euro + monthly subscription around 36 pounds. You can imagine that this idea was not warmly welcomed in house meeting of elders.
  9. Brainpowerd

    Brainpowerd Guest

    I've been lucky enough to find and subscribe to Setanta broadband to get my Rugby, Soccer, and GAA fix. I get to watch a lot of live events on line plus there's plenty of backlogged games to watch on-demand such as the Guiness Premiership and Heineken Cup finals, Super 14 games, Rugby League, and Rugby Union stuff as well. The service will also be carrying the World Cup games later this year. It's an investment but if you like your rugby, well worth it.
  10. goranski

    goranski Guest

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