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Rugby Nations 13 for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad


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Jun 28, 2011
Rugby Nations 13 for App Store, Mac and Google Play

Hey Everyone!

We want your opinion on our rugby game RN13. It's a mobile game which we developed with professional rugby players and features key tournaments (such as 6 Nations), challenges, team management and the ability to show off skills in all areas of the game. You can watch a trailer video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?<wbr>v=c_acczqcAYA&list=<wbr>UUlmVO2X1lSQkeTZDqGsGzxg

The game is available on the App Store at http://bitly.com/rn13apple - for the Mac at http://bit.ly/RN13Mac and on Google Play at http://bit.ly/rugby13android

Geoff (TRF_Fullback) suggested that you were guys were an ideal audience. We would therefore love to give away 10 free copies of the game in return for you sharing your thoughts and feedback on the game.

If you're interested then please reply to this thread, tell us what device you're using, and we'll contact you via the forum's private messaging system. We're working on first come first served, so apologies in advance if you miss out.
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Not dissing the game or anything but it looks like the first decent good looking game I've seen on ipad etc

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