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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by bristol-iain, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. bristol-iain

    bristol-iain Guest

    Steve Meehan thought it should never have been a red card.
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    Fourie Du Preez and Brian O'Driscoll joined "Richie McCaw should never have won Player of the Year"

    Wasps joined the group "We hate the rain"
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    Any others you can think of?
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  3. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Quade Cooper has been tagged in the album 'police identity parade'.
  4. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Jimmy Cowan has become a fan of Fight Club
  5. bristol-iain

    bristol-iain Guest

    Bath are disappointed with another defeat.
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    Leeds wrote at 18.00

    we are coming to get you
  6. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    Leigh Halfpenny, Berrick Barnes and James O'Connor left the ____ High School network.

    Paddy O'Brien became a fan of NZRFU.

    Paul Doran-Jones is no longer listed as in a relationship.
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  7. munross

    munross Guest

    Ronan O'Gara: "I wana take a long vacation and won't play rugby for the next 2 years"
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  8. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Declan Kidney confirms that Ronan O'Gara will be the starting 10 for the Six Nations
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    Rob Andrew lost my Job
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    Nigel Owens has retired from refereeing
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  9. ChiefsFan

    ChiefsFan Guest

    Best thread in a while :D
  10. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    Dan Carter: I will not go on a 6 month sabatical again

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  11. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Martin Johnson prefers boring rugby
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  12. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Stephen Donald thinks he's been playing pretty good recently.
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  13. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    Johnny Wilkinson Yay! I played a full season
  14. Olyy

    Olyy Guest

    Schalk Burger poked Luke Fitzgerald
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  15. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    Brian O Driscoll: is bitterly disappointed at not winning the award. Perhaps I'm not the best center out there.
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  16. Moonfire

    Moonfire Guest

    Rofl! Brilliant Olyy!

    Keep them coming.
  17. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    James Haskell
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  18. Jer1cho

    Jer1cho Guest

    Jamie Heaslip poked Heinrich Brussouw
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  19. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Lee Byrne is having his cast removed today!!!

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  20. LydiatesGirl

    LydiatesGirl Guest

    haha i thought some of these were actual statuses until i saw Leigh Halfpenny mentioned

    yes I'm thick
  21. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Shaun Edwards doesn't like the rain
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    [​IMG] Danny Cipriani is looking for men
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    Martin Johnson genuinely believed Ugo Monye would be better used at fullback then on the Wing
    Ben Foden is Livid with this
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