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Apr 4, 2016
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Hey Guys!

Visit my website if you want to gain insight into my training.


Save this thread as well and I will start posting my blogs on here.

Let me know if you have any question.

Also any criticism would be appreciated.


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Welcome, rugby players.

Aim: Over the coming weeks I will be making a training regime for the rugby season in which I hope to transform myself from an average rugby player into an extraordinary rugby player.

Why? For years I have been playing rugby and I have been decent at it. I love rugby so much that I want to possibly play rugby at a professional level. I make a few representative teams every now and then but I would love to improve my weaknesses to become a highly skilled rugby player.

What's in it for you? You can gain insight into my training. You will receive tips, workouts, diets, etc. I will hope that you can offer constructive feedback also. All of this for FREE.

Firstly I think you need to know some details about me…

Age: 14 (quite young but this is relevant for all ages)
Weight: 50kg
Height: 158cm
Position: Fly half/Fullback/Halfback
Country: Australia

I have been playing rugby since I was 4 years old. I am very passionate about the sport. I love watching it, playing it and refereeing it. As I said before, I would love to play the sport professionally.

I am very good at skills (passing, kicking, etc.) but there is definitely room for improvement. I am a decent tackler and I'm an average runner (usually come in the top 10 in school carnivals).

I hope to start training ASAP.

Any comments would be extremely appreciated.

Visit back to this site regularly for more training information soon.

Instagram: @rugbytrainingblog
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Obtaining Equipment

Welcome back to my training blog that is designed to help me develop as a player and also provide you guys with a bit of insight into my training, nutrition, tips and results. As we are just getting back into the season my boots are a bit dusty and some of my equipment has just seemed to disappear. Therefore this post is made for me to acquire my equipment.

Luckily I managed to go searching around to find: https://rugbytrainingsite.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/capture.png?w=331&h=292

- 1 x Sharp Shooter Kicking Tee (large) – so that I can get under the ball when I kick for goal.
- 1 x Gilbert Vector Size 5 Rugby Ball – so that I can practice my passing/kicking, etc.
- 10 x Cones – so that I can mark out some places for my training.
- 1 x Fitbit Charge HR (which I wear every day) – so that I can track my workouts, steps, heart rate, etc.

However I do need to buy some more supplies…

What do I need in my shopping cart?

- 3 x Gilbert Rugby Balls – if I get more rugby balls it will make it easier for me to train as I will only have to collect the balls every 3 kicks, etc. Once I have found a site that is cheap I will order these and let you know where I got them from.

Please leave a comment if there is any other equipment I might need.

Instagram: @rugbytrainingblog
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Training Routine

Welcome back to my training blog. I have finished planning my training routine. Unfortunately I have been sick so I haven't been able to start training however I think I'm on the mend. Nothing bad, just had a cold. I will hope to commence my training tomorrow (Monday 4th April 2016).

This is what my training routine looks like: https://rugbytrainingsite.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/1.jpg?w=1462

Rugby Drills

What I mean by rugby drills is kicking and passing. So basically just skill training.

Kicking will involve:

Place kicks – a few attempts at goal from different measured distances and positions. Then I can easily calculate my average kicking accuracy, percentage and weaknesses.
Drop kicks – a few attempts at goal from different measured distances and positions. Then I can easily calculate my average kicking accuracy, percentage and weaknesses.
Punt kicks – a few attempts to kick the ball from my 22m line to the 50m line so that it goes out. Both on the left and right side. This way I can determine my average kicking accuracy, percentage and weaknesses.
Passing is obviously a lot more difficult to practice as you generally need a buddy to help you. However, at home I have a wall and I have used charcoal to draw 5 circles. I have to pass the ball into these circles. This will improve the accuracy of the pass.

Gym Sessions

I have a home gym that has a rowing machine, cycling machine, weights, weight machine, yoga mat, punching bag, pull up bar, skipping rope etc. With the equipment I have I will work out my legs, upper body and do some serious cardio. I have already got a gym routine that include runs, swims, cycles, rows, weights, etc. which I could possibly share with you in one of my next blogs.

On Tuesdays and Fridays I have rugby training and on Sundays I have a match.

Regarding nutrition I am not on a strict diet but I am trying to eliminate any sugar.

Please leave a comment in regards to my training. Any criticism and guidance would be appreciated.

Instagram: @rugbytrainingblog
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