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Sad Single f***ers



Well if your a sad single *******, then discuss!!!

The Rest of you can f*** off!!!
*Matt stands up*

Hi, my name's Matt and I'm a sad single f***er.
I've been a member of the SSF's for about 3 months now and the longer this walk in the dark continues the longer and deeper i shall continue to plunge myself into books and my writing, making best friends out of Jeremy Clarkson, Herman Meliville, Stephen Fry, Dean Koontz and Tom Holt.
But where there's a friend there's an enemy, and where there's an enemy then there's Iain Banks.

Call me Ishmael...
Welcome Matt


*Charlie Stands up*

Hi, my name is Charlie and I'm a sad single f***er
I have been a sad single f***er for several months now, and I keep resisting the darkness submerging me into black watery hole. I have mostly been spending my time with Heroes, Jack Bauer, and Quentin Tarrantino. Also I have been developing my knowledge and trying to build the Rugby Forum, into a global force to be recognised by the IRB and the UN.

I do occasionally venture out into the hell hole which is Chicago Rock Cafe... It is the only social interaction I have...

Welcome Charlie.

*Matt stands up*

The room feels pretty empty with just two Sad Single f***ers here, doesn't it?
*Charlie Stands Up*

We know there are others out there who just can't admit it like us...
*Matt stays seated. With his head in his hands, he sobs ever so gently. Outside, the wind rustles through the trees, a squirrel scatters across the ground and a helicopter hovers elegantly but intrusively around Matt's flat probably searching for some nutjob on the loose. Matt thinks to himself that with such a wonderful world outside, how long will it be before he becomes the said nutjob on the loose running away from a police helicopter trying to kill everything that gets in his way.*
*Luke pokes his head into view and proceeds to stand up*

"I'm...errrr...ummm..Luke. I've been with SSFA for 2 and a half months now. My best friends name is Ivan and he keeps me warm. He is black and has a tattoo on him a few times in silver that says 'Dell'. God Bless him."

*Sits down with a sense of insecurity, not knowing if he said enough or the right thing at all.*
Where better than an internet forum full of guys are we gonna find more SSF's?

*Matt thinks to himself* Maybe i should go the gaming section of this website. There's bound to be HUNDREDS there!
I consider myself a Smug Single f***er at the moment. Technically I'm still a SF, but my situation is progressing the right way. Soon to graduate after about a year in the wilderness. Hopefully.
I just can't see the point of me discussing it, I'm single at the moment and thats that, not much else to say really.