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Saints Row 2


St Helens RLFC

Anyone else picked this up? If I trade in Call of Duty 4 I can buy it for £15 so I think I'll be heading on down there this afternoon.

Pretty good deal that seeing as I don't use COD4 anymore and its over a year old now.
I need a fix of fun after the relative seriousness of GTA 4 to be honest.
If it's anything like the first one, one day will be all the fun you can get out of it. I found it to be a chore to play.

At least with GTA you can put in a rocket launcher cheat and blow stuff up.
I like the idea of running amok with a waste tanker and a hosepipe though. Can't argue for £16 anyway.
It's pretty good. A lot better than the first one... A lot less face-palming whenever there's a joke. The humour in Saints Row 1 was just awful. It seems even more cartoony and unrealistic than the first one too, although that could be just from playing GTA4 to death. The missions aren't quite as repetitive either (yet).
Watching the previews on TV I am not too impressed with the graphics...reminds me of GT5 graphics.  I think I got spoilt after assasins creed graphics.  I know they dumb down on graphics in order to try and make the game itself bigger...however with PS3 having a blu ray laser you would think that they would use a mutli layered disc with more room to put all that info on and therefore have the space to make the graphics better.

I refuse to play games on a PS3 where the graphics or framerate are of PS2 standard.
Is this game any good.

I noticed you play it a bit St.Helens

i can get it for 80 bucks or 100 bucks with a gun and other stuff.
I've finished it now but it was excellent. I much preferred it to GTA4. I really, really enjoyed it.
I'll confess to enjoying my breif flirtation with the game this past Sunday, even if the car controls are arse about ***.

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