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Saracens v Harlequins



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All discussion here
I will be going to the Theater of echoes on Sunday so I'll be able to give my first rate analysis.

Anyone else going?
While Chihiro and co down south were raging with, er, rage...I was busy at Vicarage Road!


The game was superb, great turn out. No idea where people get the idea of no atmosphere from! It was an excellent day out! The drummers were awesome and I had the funniest guy sitting right behind me, he'd put Mite and co in the shade by miles and he used NO foul language!

My photos of the day!

Anyway, 3rd place! Playoffs are guaranteed in my honest point of view!

Playoffs ho!
As long as yur guys turn up to give Worcester a pounding next week I wish you the best of luck. Been far more solid this year than any previous seasons I can remember.
I see what you mean about how awesome it is being at or at least near the top.

Hey Webby-baby, can you shout a little louder, I'm so high up, I can hardly hear you old-sport! :lol:

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