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Scarlets Vs Borders



Scarlets: (26) 53
Tries: MacLeod, Rees (2), James, S Jones, M Jones, B Davies, L Davies, Owens
Cons: S Jones (4)

Borders: (6) 11
Try: Dalziel
Pens: Jones (2)

Once again the Scarlets put up a remarkable performance.
It can be said that a performance of any sort against the Borders (especially after what they are destined for) wouldn't be that hard, but the Scarlets really fronted up.
The Borders were very disappointing, but Scarlets rapaged and did it in a much different fashion to how they dealt with Munster last week.
The play was anything but flash, however, they grinded out try after try with heavy forward play and constant bombardment be the whole XV.
Everytime the Scarlets entered the Borders' 22 there was an air of inevitability that they would score a try and after leaving the field at the end of the days with 9 tries, inevitable is exactly the appropriate word.
The Borders faught well, they pounded out some good forward play and a few minutes of positive posession and produced a well worked try, but the Scarlets were already 30 points ahead of them by then.
What must have disheartened the Borders more is that after enduring 6 tries from a very strong starting XV the Scarlets decided to make a few changes and instead of Gavin Evans, Regan King was brought on; and instead of Simon Easterby, Alix Popham entered the field of play. A scary duo to have on the bench.
The game was so far beyond the borders by the end, and the Scarlets were so full of confidence that they ended up trying - and pulling off - all their training ground moves; turning set pieces into a platform for eperimental fun and from 2 lineouts they produced 2 tries that are always easy in training, but quite different during a match.

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