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Cmon man, I asked you nicely, please stop wasting my time with posts unrelated to this thread, when I see a new post is added, I check it out only to find its not related! please start a your own thread and stop wasting my time.
Originally posted by sanzar@May 12 2005, 12:27 PM
<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE
Bad management, fat Australian players, poor financial acumen and unrealistic expectations all contributed to their downfall but no-one really cares.  The only question that is left is just how far will they fall.

Fat Aussie players? How can that be? I've never seen a soccer player with an ounce of fat on him! [/b][/quote]
See Viduka, Mark.

But can we knock this one on the head please, though feel very free to start a topic elsewhere on the board; this is entertaining!

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