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Sin-Bin rule and draw

In the Super Rugby, there was a draw game.

Reds 25-25 blues

19 03 2016

I believe that this game had to be Reds' win.
The reason is that there was a Blues player (18 Sione Mafileo) in sinbin at the end of game.
If sinbin time finished before the end of game, the sinbin player was penalised enough. But, if there were still sinbin time at the end of game, the sinbin player were still being penalised. So in this case, a win must be awarded to Reds. :huh:

So your saying blues team would have to keep the ball at the 80 min mark and keep going through the phases until the sinbin period is over or they would lose the game and even if they has 1 min left of the sinbin and they knocked on the ball then they would lose? Is that what your saying?

It doesn't work a sin bin is 10 min or the remainder of the game, its arguably more of a punishment as the team is more tired and defending with tired legs and a man down is more difficult but no the law does not need changing or amending.