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Having just paid a lot of money to fly out to Munster next week, it bloody well best not start snowing again.
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Apparently snow will be back midweek.

Interestingly enough:


I have said for about 6 months now that their forecasts are dreadful. It looks like I'm not the only one who has been saying it.[/b]

I reckon people should just stop moaning about the weather.

We were predicted a Barbecue summer. And as far as I see it, it was. While I was in Peru, there were heatwaves in the UK that were well into the 30s. When I came back in July & August, I don't think I saw a drop of rain where I was.

This winter has been great too. A proper winter with lots of snow. Last year we got a proper winter with freezing temperatures, but not so much snow. Either way, this is how winter ought to be.

If people don't like our climate, which is notoriously variable, then they can f*** off somewhere else.