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Soccer AM Plug



Anyone else catch the RC2006 plug during Soccer AM's All Sport Show tonight? Came just after Josh Lewsey embarassed himself, his family, his club and his sport in the 60 Second Dart Challenge. They went back to the hosts, who said 'Thanks to Ubersoft [not Ubisoft] for giving Josh time out from plugging the new game, Rugby Challenge 2006. That's Rugby Challenge 2006.'

Just as long as people don't associate Lewsey's pathetic showing as any reflection on the game itself...
yeh man i saw that, didnt even know he was promoting the game. All good publicity for swordfish, lets hope they deserve it!
Originally posted by robbinho@Jan 14 2006, 12:00 AM
Must've been after Hollyoaks started...
Only watch that for the supreme acting Robinho? Yeah, me too...

So this is what the Metro was on about then, Lewsey promoting this game.

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