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South Africa v Sri Lanka


An Tarbh

Sri Lanka have won the toss and decided to bat first at Guyana in their Super Eight match with South Africa.

Robin Pietersen comes into the South African team instead of Ashwell Prince while Sri Lanka also make one change with Maharoof replacing Fernando.
Sri Lanka all out for 209, with Langeveld picking up a five-for. Much-improved performance by the bowlers this time around.

SA currently 72/1 in the 14th. Make that 76/1 after 14, with Smith going well on 40-odd, and Kallizzzz "anchoring" the innings again. He must be eyeing the Geoffrey Boycott award for realy pushing the run-rate along to 2 runs an over.

Seriously though, SA looking in pretty decent shape, but they`ve got to make hay while the sun shines, Murali`s still to come on.

Make that 84/1, Smith on 54.
Cracking performance from Langeveld at the death, not many 3 wicket maidens in the 49th over of an ODI.
Fark me, it`s becoming the Saffa Collapso now- making very heavy weather of it. Got there, but only just. This was way too close for comfort- could have been the greatest cerebral choke in the history of.... well, since SA`s last CWC exit. And the one before that.........

Anyway, I take back that comment on Kallis anchoring the innings- we would`ve been completely farked without his 80-odd knock.

3 overs to get 1 run? My nerves are shot!

Anyway, great death bowling from Vaas and especially Malinga. We`ve got to look at dealing with the reverse-swing at the death, or we`ll be truly farked.
this result is good for new zealand though :) hope we can beat the windies tomorrow morning :)
interesting game. sa were in cruise mode and then lost lots of wickets all at once causing a nail biting finish. they managed to keep their heads and go the victory.
strange to see pretty much a carbon copy end to both innings with magnificient performances from both Malinga and Langeveld, thought they were a bit stingy though not giving Malinga man of the match, he did take 4 wickets in a row for the first time in the world cup.