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South Africa vs Argentina

Apparently there is another Semi on. Whats the point, isn't this England v the World :p
Yet another passionate Anthem from the Argentinians...

And great to see New Zealand in the Semi's.... even if he is just the ref...
Habanna Try...

17 - 6

Neither side have looked amazing... Just South Africa have been lucky...
The luck is in the SouthAfrican's side, nothing to do with that...

Rousseaw try..

24 - 6
Well another try to the Boks...

Argentinians have been poor with basics...

24 - 6
All things square up front which in the end is going to go the way of the Boks (I just think the Argentinians will get tired first). The SA backs are a lot more dangerous. Habana's try was excellent play both from him and the pass from Steyn.
Unforced errors abound for Argentina. Horrible knock ons and the like really are taking the pressure off of South Africa who have scored their tries with utter ruthlessness.

Can someone seriously slap Steyn round the back of the head for me?

for the first time in a bloody long while. May



be licking their lips.


SA tries have been mistakes from Argentina, and if Argentina make a comeback, they have been making big mistakes.

The other match was tense. This was SA taking tries from Argentina mistakes.

2 Yellows, one each. England could try to annoy SA, and find themselves 1 man up.
LMAO. Will Greenwood is a commentating god! [/b]

He is indeed, comedy genius from Will.

And someone heard me in the South Africa camp, more safe stuff from Steyn rather than wacky offload attempts. Butch James still being really dopey at times though. Good win by South Africa, ruthless. Simply ruthless.

At this moment, we should pause to look at the acheivements of Argentina and salute the passion and sheer doggedness of their players. They have contributed to an immense world cup.

As for the final, if England are as claustrophobic in their defense as they were against Australia and South Africa and if they focus on Steyn and if they manage to compete at the scrum and if they manage to somehow get past the Bok line out...we might just have a winner.

All speculative of course.
Well, a great campaign from Argentina has come to an end, is there a 3rd 4th playoff this time round? France may look for revenge, or may just shrug there shoulders.

Argentina looked tired and nervous. Lots of knock-ons (why can't we polay the game in daylight, with no dew and stuff?), while South Africa looked mostly comfortable. Mostly. SA hit them in the counter attack well, and also force some good turnovers. Remember these Puma forwards did for France before saying SA look soft...

Well played SA.
Well apart from the last 2 minutes (which included 2 yellow cards) I really enjoyed that game.

Habana was a monster again, and if that pass wasn't that tad bit forward Habana would have been sitting on 9 world cup tries.

He's equaled Jonahs record though, so props to the man.

Argentina were really a bit dodgy though, knock ons, forward passes and losing practically all their lineouts. They were impressive in the scrums though.

This is also the first time I've really seen them play a bit off the law, Pichot was basically offside at every single scrum and they kept trying to sack the mauls. Touch judges were horrific too, some really funny stuff going on there.
Congrats to the Boks, I'll be cheering for them in the final (even with the last minutes, what happens on the field stays there). I think the better team won but I feel a little bit sad for those mistakes, we deserved at least a closer score (that I think would have reflected better the match).
LMAO. Will Greenwood is a commentating god! [/b]
I used to like him, but Greenwood spent most of the game on about England. I can understand that he is pleased, but concentrate on the commentary of the SA v Arg, you dick.

Congrats SA, you deserved the win tonight. Argentina made far too many mistakes & Hernandez isn't suited as a fly half yet.
What a shame for Argentina - all those unforced errors. As an Irish fan I took a bit of malicious pleasure when they suffered under the high ball, but they definitely have world class and it was sad to see them get it wrong. The romantic in me says they should have been keeping it in hand throughout the tournament, but that's probably naive.

Matfield in the SA lineout was brilliant, and their pack was very clever dealing with the Arg maul. And what can you say about lethal weapon Habana? Even on his own, he deserves to lift the cup. And I think he will, because SA are the best balanced team in the competition, with their set piece, kicking and running.

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