South Africa vs Argentina

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Rikeka, Oct 7, 2007.

  1. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    Can`t wait for it! :bana:
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  3. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Me neither. This is going to be a very hard and tense match for both sides. Not going to risk a prediction either way - like I said, theoretically SA should get away with this one, but theory went out the door with the upsets we've seen this weekend.
  4. Cafisho

    Cafisho Guest

    Hope the Pumas get to the finals, they truly deserve it.
  5. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    You damn wuss! Nothing stopped you chaps from casting predictions here there and everywhere for any Tri Nation or England game! Whats the difference now?

    Come on, front up and lets have some predictions or thoughts on where the game is going to focus on and lets put them out there!
  6. Neither team were too impressive today, so its hard to tell. I would personally like Argentina to get through but I think South Africa will win the match and then the tournament.
  7. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    Hmm.. predictions:

    1) Arg by 5
    2) SA by 5
    3) SA by +10

    I can`t lose! :D
  8. I think Argentina will sneak home in this game. The packs are relatively evenly matched. South Africa hold a slight edge at 9 but at 10 and 12, I think Argentina hold the aces. Out wide South Africa can be devestating if the ball gets there but Argentina have dealt pretty well with other teams in that regard. Corleto and Montgomery are evenly matched at full back. I feel that the control Pichot, Hernandez and Contepomi exert on a game will edge Argentina home. For all Francois Steyn's undoubted talents, he's prone to bad decisions on which Argentina can capitalise.

    South Africa haven't been overly impressive thus far. They beat a bad England team (on the day) and struggled hugely against Tonga and Fiji. Before the tournament began they were very average against Connacht whose Magners League form leaves a lot to be desired. Argentina's route to the last 4 has been tougher and will stand them in good stead.

    Argentina 23-19 South Africa
  9. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    You damn wuss! Nothing stopped you chaps from casting predictions here there and everywhere for any Tri Nation or England game! Whats the difference now?

    Come on, front up and lets have some predictions or thoughts on where the game is going to focus on and lets put them out there!

    LOL. Fine. But I actually never personally predicted any outcomes in a Tri-Nations, or for any Pool A match in the RWC :p Well, except the SA vs Samoa, and SA vs USA games. My predictions for the SA vs England game were way out (I expected England to do alot better), and same for the SA vs Tonga game (I expected SA to do alot better). So you wont catch me shooting my mouth off easily this time.

    But, okay. I think SA will focus alot more on their forwards for this match, and reduce kicking to a minimum. Basically they're going to avoid the mistakes they made against Fiji, and keep possession for as long as they can, moving it into the Argentinian half as much as possible. All this may sound basic and obvious, but it's the basic and obvious tactics that work at the end of the day. I also see SA using a LOT more rushing defense than they did today.

    So, as I said in another post, I basically expect the two teams to be level at half-time, with a 3-point lead for either team, 50-50 chance. This trend should continue till the 60-minute mark, after which South Africa should be able to get a slightly comfortable lead of 7 to 10 points. Don't hold me to it, though. But we've seen SA always make comebacks after the 60-minute mark, so one can only hope it'll be the same this time.
  10. Enzo

    Enzo Guest

    Argentina already beat France
    South Africa already beat England

    so... is this the anticipated Final?

    mmmm... as an argentinian, I really can't believe we are going to fight for a final place, this sensation is unbelievable!!!

    We have nothing to lose, we already have done much more than what we would expect, but now, at this moment, I really think we can do it, we can be champions! Pressure is on SA side, and then it will be in either England or France side. Argentina knows how to manage that rival pressure for it's own sake, so we'll see what happens in the following 2 weeks.

    I'd say that we have a 30% chance of beating SA, let's hope we can do it. And if not, I'll support SA because I really like them, they have a wonderful country and people (I've been there in 2004 :D )
  11. InsaneAsylum

    InsaneAsylum Guest

    pumas by 8

    i've got a soft spot for them due to their underdog status
  12. Fushitsusha

    Fushitsusha Guest

    I'm rooting for the Pumas, but if they lose I would like the Boks to bring the cup back to the southern hemisphere.

    Then hopefully the Aussies can beat the 'world champs' in the 3N. :p
  13. Stillknox

    Stillknox Guest

    Hard to say, Argentina is impressive but I feel that they never really met a team who was in position to counter their gameplan until then. France was lost, Ireland & Scotland definitively too weak. I think that the key for SA will be their attack: playing fast, playing on the wings, score tries, it's the only way to worry those Pumas. But this will be tought, they got a strong defense and a strong mental...

    I'm French, and a lot of argentinians are playing in our championship, especially in the team i'm supporting, le Stade Français, so I will be behind them next sunday.

    My prediction: I see a surprise, Argentina by 2... with a dropgoal by Hernandez in the last minutes :)
  14. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    argentina plays a lot with their forwards, and this is south africa's strong point.

    think the match is going to be a 10 a side match...
  15. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    Lol, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few dropgoal attempts. Argentina attempted 4 against the Scots. Admittedly, they only got 1 over, but still - they can really do some damage with those drops.
  16. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    I'm English and i can honestly say that if we don't win, there is no team i will be annoyed about seeing lift the trophy. I'll be supporting Argentina v SA, mainly because of Loffreda and the simple underdog factor. Given the number of underdog victories, i think SA will be under immense pressure. That said, they won't take the puma lightly, and they ahve the pack to play tight rugby with anyone, so as long as they front up and keep their heads they should win. Thing is the way this world cup is going, anything could happen. A close tight match with only 3-6 points in it, a moment of magic, and interception, a massive defensive error, Hernandez to find consistently accurate drop goals and who knows. GO PUMAS!!!!!
  17. Deano

    Deano Guest

    I hope for the Argies, but I think South Africa will win this... it will be close though. Argentina are like the Italy football team of rugby in this tournament. Play to their opponents weaknesses and tactically difficult to play against.
  18. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    That will be the idea. Make life difficult for the opposition. They will be there or there abouts in the last 10-15 mins and if it's close enough anything could happen. What would be interesting to see is how they react if SA take a lead. I don't think Argentina have been behind by more than 3 points all tournament. They've always been the side in control.
  19. shtove

    shtove Guest

    I'd say that would be a big mistake for SA. Arg may be tired at this stage, but they'll be up for a mega semi. They will enjoy playing it tight all day, like they did against Scotland, and just keep soaking it up and forcing turnovers.

    On attack, Arg will probably just put their up-and-unders on to Habana and Pietersen. But I would love to see them moving it, with Contepomi getting in Steyn's face.

    In defence, France pressured their midfield and should have scored. Ireland actually cracked the midfield twice. Scotland took them out wide. SA have the ability to do that as well. But how will Steyn take the pressure at #12 - genius or Daffy Duck? I always thought SA had to find something in the centre to release the wings and win this RWC. So, now's the time to show it.

    It should be SA, but who's predicting anything anymore? Except ... Ireland for RWC '11!
  20. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    This is the way I see it unfolding:in possession, the Argies will play it like they`ve played throughout this tourney to date, playing to their strengths. And that means using a formidable front row with tremendous power and a brilliant bajada technique, to get themselves forward momentum. And they`ll use their powerful no.8 to get across the gain line. They`ll also pump in loads of up-and-unders on Monty, JP and Habana. Naturally, Contepomi and Hernandez will pepper the touch line, driving the kicks into the corners. And they`ll take a few drop kicks at goal.

    On defense, they`ll use Lobbe to effectively slow down SA ball. He`s been absolutely outstanding to date, my player of the tourney by a country mile. And they`ll continue to use what has been a very effective drift defense.

    So how should the Boks play them? Firstly, and this might sound a bit weird, but we`ll need to play a real no.8 at the back of the scrum. Enter His Royal Bobness. Schalk`s got all the power, pace and offloading skills, but you just can`t become an international 8 in a matter of 100 minutes of rugby. And Danie, bless his darling heart and stupid head, just doesn`t have either the pace, body position or the skills set for 8. Especially behind a pack that won`t spend the entire game on the front foot.

    We should look to attack the Argie lineout. If there`s one area where the Argie pack might be a bit vulnerable, it`s in the lineout- and with jumpers like Botha, Matfield, Smith and co, we could be successful there.

    At the breakdowns, Lobbe must be neutralised, and Argie ball must be slowed in order to prevent the snap drops. This is an area in which the Argies haven`t been tested in, and we need to clean out effectively. Anything less, and there`ll be problems.

    In the backs, I do see one, just one, potential vulnerability in the Argie defense. Playing the drift, your 13 could be exposed, either by taking him on on the outside, or by the blindside winger coming in off the angle, over his shoulder. We should be looking to bring the speedsters, Fourie, Habana and Pietersen, into positions to exploit this. Especially against Manuel Contepomi, who is maybe a year past his best. But to do this properly, you need quick ball. And therein lies neutralising Lobbe...

    All in all, it should be a helluva game. Should`ve been the final, seeing as it`s the only 2 undefeated sides left in the tourney. I`m going for a Bok win, tentatively, waiting for the final team sheets....
  21. Air4life

    Air4life Guest

    Im going to be over confident! plz quote me after the game :p

    28-15 to SA
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