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Argentina vs Scotland

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<div class='quotemain'> <div class='quotemain'>Because a cheep dig like that was completely necessary. <_< [/b]

I'm sorry but is what I think, France will have everything in favour (maybe even the referee) after beating the ABs and they are going to be backed by a full stadium ... [/b][/quote]

Rather like the Aussies in the Telstra Stadium 4 years ago then! Best not overhype England but you can't underestimate their mental strength after coming back from their diabolical performance over South Africa in the group stage. We just have to hope that the same England doesn't show up!

There were more English fans in that crowd than Aussies.

Plus (as stated before) England deservedly had the best team in the world at the time.
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Ah well, congratulations to Argentina, they deserved the victory.

We could have won, but didn't, what a nailbiting finish.


It's amazing how you get used to it after so many years...

Still, I've not yet seen the game as I was on a train traveling across Canada at the time. Annoyingly it would have cost me $139 to change my ticket for a later one so that I could watch the match. Still, but the sounds of things it was a pretty tense game. I have to say though that I do hope this might signal a change in direction for Scotland. We really need to put more emphasis on being an attacking force and get away from being seen as only a nation who can only really rely on kicking points. Sure it might mean a lot of changes and a few heavy defeats in next year's 6 nations, but in the long term it might be so beneficial.

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