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Scotland or Italy for Argentina in 1/4?

re:patterson - he was statistically the best Goal Kicker in the Northern Hemisphere in 2006, i think some people dont give him the credit he deserves!

and compare him to a certain D. Carter - he missed 5 of 9 on sunday - whereas Mossy has landed every attempt (and so has Parks for that matter)

I think he still is, with a hit rate of something like 86 % ?? Either that or 76 i think.
I'd cautiously go for Scotland. We've been playing better than Italy in the RWC. But I don't think it's gonna be easy at all.

The Scottish back row with Hogg, White and Taylor could be the key for a win.
I'd like Scotland to win and play ... France in semi.
But I think only the first part of my sentence is going to happen
Pumas will go for it very seriously, they will be 100% ready for a fight [/b]
you were right, I was wrong

Ireland played with pride but it was far from being enough

Pumas were excellent, an astonishing pack, some great talents among the backs (Hernandez, F. Contepomi, Corleto) who showed their absolute world class, a great leadership (Pichot)

they also knew the way Honiss usually rules the game (which he doesn't at all, a mediocre ref. ...) so the Argies played dirty rucks and used lots of little tricks & light blocks, but did it in a very smart way and never were really penalized

they showed an embarassing superiority, they deserve this 4th place in ranking (maybe 3rd...) and the 3N to became 4N as soon as possible

a really deserved semifinal
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I'd love to say Scotland, but after the woeful performance against New Zealand yesterday I fear the worst.

Italy have got some momentum behind them, whereas the Scots must surely have had their morale kicked right into touch with such an inept display of rugby at Murrayfield.

I find this analysis quite strange, I would have thought it was the Scots who had the momentum despite their result against the All Blacks, but in fairness that was going to happen regardless of the side that played, but comparatively speaking the Scots performances against Romania and Portugal have been far better than Italy's.

I think Scotland will come through relatively comfortably and have a decent chance against Argentina as they could get complacent thinking they have one foot in the semi-finals.

Either way the winner will be facing Argentina, they won't lose to Ireland cause we haven't addressed any of our problems.

I agree with you in everything. I expected the same reaction from the scottish fans when I opened the discussion, but I was sourprised of their derrotism. [/b][/quote]

Well on that note all I can say was that I paid a lot of money to sit through the worst performance of rugby I have seen live at the Scotland v NZ game. I appreciate that it was only a second string team Scotland put out (Don't even get me started on that point) but even still it really was a shocking performance which was full of silly little errors that top class professionals should not be continually making.

With that in mind I really did worry about Scotland's chances against a fired up Italian side.

As it stands I'm happy to have been proven wrong and now we are through to the QF's against Argenitina. Unfortunately though I haven't yet seen the Sco v Italy game as I'm over in Canada at the moment. Hopefully i'll be able to find a bar somewhere that will be showing the quarter finals somewhere.....

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