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South Africa vs Argentina



Sounds better everytime i say it "BOKS IN THE FINAL". sweeeeet

Was a good match to watch even with the wet field causing havoc for both teams, but it's gotta be said it was a convincing win for the Boks.

Thanks to Argentina for helping make an already a great WC even better. Alot people doubted you guys, but you showed them by getting to the semi's your nation has a rugby team who can stick it out with the big boys. Eventhough the teams had a few push abouts, it was awesome to see how the Argies wished the Boks well for the final. People shouldn't read into it, they were standing up for thier team mates. Although for a second it started looking like the Battle of Tucumán was to be continued in France :p .

c'mon Boks, DIS NOU ONS TYD!


I must admit, that last-minute brawl spoiled the game for me.

But I'm not blaming the Argies, just as I'm not blaming the Boks. I'll probably blame it on the government or CNN or NASA or some such rubbish.

Argies, you deserve a standing ovation. Not for the semi-final, maybe, but for your overall progress and performance in this world cup - it's been outstanding. Very well done.


Argentina made a great world cup, but South Africa was simlply stronger for them. Since the beginning, i said that South Africa will won this world cup...