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Stadia expansion.

Franklins Gardens is getting uprated to 17,000 or 18,000 (one of the two) in the next couple of seasons.

Then apparently in 2015, Barwell is buying Sixfields, ripping down the roundyball stadium and building a 30,000 all seater. Which is nice.
Would this facilitate a move from Franklins Gardens to Sixfields?

Technically it's a better location is suppose if Barwell were to built this wonderful new studium.

But Barwell is full of **** these days. And I don't particularly want to move anyway, I like the ground where it is.
I like the idea of it personally. It means the scum sucking ******** of all creation can f*** off back to the mildue infested Eastern District along with their pissant little hooligan fans where they belong. And the Jimmies can take back St. James.
And the Jimmies can take back St. James.


Santiago! St James!

I can't be the only Sharpe fan surely...
At least you guys have land to build on. What about us in North London?! We can't really buy anywhere because all the ideal playing areas to build a 15 - 20,000 rugby ground are all used up!!

Personally, I think the owners of Saracens will probably seek to do a deal with some development company, tack a rugby stadium onto an out of town shopping development or something.

Saracens in which case will probably move to Thurrock to sit alongside Lakeside and Bluewater! Shopping and rugby all in one day! Result! :bana:
Well, you do the Rugby while she does the shopping... It sounds almost as good as a Pub next to Tescos!!
Exactly! You see, maybe this is the way forward for financing ever greater cathedrals to the worship of the oval shaped ball!

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