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State of Origin 1, 2007



State of Origin kicks off next wednesday 23rd May 2007, with defending series winners Queensland hosting NSW at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

this will be a test for mullens, i admit he has been impressive filling in for the legend, im not sure if he'll hope with origin... queensland will target him probably?
why is karmichael at fullback! i really dont like that guy lol well bowen deserves to be there, hes on fire at the back for the cowboys!!

why?? i would say theres a racial thing but hunt not being that white :p

go queensland!!
Karmichael deserves to be fullback. He has proven himself in the tests, and forms a potent combination with Lockyer. I would have liked for Bowen to have been included on the bench, but that spot has been adequately filled.
QLD will send their whole pack at Mullen. I really hope he stands up to the pressure and proves he is the right person for the job.
i just hope it'll be a great game rather than a thrashing... big hits are welcomed tho hehe

thurston, i think will outplay mullens!!lol
Well, they couldn't fit Bowen in the starting line up, and the only position on the bench for a back is filled my Shaun Berrigan who can play half-back, centre and hooker.
candybum...its Mullen...not Mullens :p

I don't think there's a chance of a thrashing really. Possibly in the 3rd match though.
Myles is very lucky to be in the side. hes been pretty poor this year. incumbent i suppose. he will need to step up if he wants to stay in there.

Costigan is a good choice... highly underated footballer and has worked wonders down at the raiders since he moved down there. hes a ball playing forward. will make a good impact from the bench.

definately favourates... locky and JT in the halves with Hodgo, Tate & Inglis out on the fringes causing havoc. then Khunt lurking around the ruck. with a solid and dependable forward pack in front of them. probably one of the best QLD sides ive seen.

that said... everytime QLD go into origin as favourates they get beaten.... its gonna be an interesting series.
pretty exciting team i reckon. very mobile pack. Brett White, Jarrod Hayne & Kurt Gidley have been outstanding and deserve a go in the side.

Mullen is a big gamble. but with all the class around him i think he will go alright. hes got an exceptional passing game and a better then average kicking game which will really complement anasta. no doubt Joey will probably be in camp with him all week to ease him into origin footy.

i thought Orford has probably done enough to get a run this year but for some reason the selectors dont like him. deadset... the kiwis would take him in a heartbeat...

they are underdogs for game 1 but these 'baby blues' have more then enough talent to put up a big score if they get going.
nsw took the plunge and got plenty of rookies in their team. I don't think they will have enough for the qld team which looks pretty dam good.
ah the mighty qld side. looks really good bowen and slater proabbly the unlucky ones but someone has to miss out for qld. shoulde be an awesome series and I'm going to game 2 woot
Although I'm a QLD supporter, it's disappointing to see El Masri miss out once again on an Origin spot on the wing for NSW. The best goal kicker on Earth in both codes. I reckon NSW will lose a game or a game will be drawn as a result of a missed goal kick on their behalf and the doubters will be kicking themselves and the supporters will be laughing. It will happen just because of Karma lol
Queensland could pick so many back 3 combinations with the wealth of talent at the moment...just look at some of the wingers/fullbacks that missed out - Slater, Wesser, Bowen etc

It’s the worst NSW team in the history of the series and the code itself

How the hell they can field 3 roosters players when they are playing at the bottom of the table.

Anasta is the worst selection I have ever seen

He cant play well without Joey inside him, he cant play well at all â€" the roosters are losing week in week out with Anasta directing them â€" The NSW team is not that great, nothing can save Anasta and this state from embarresment


Sure he has form, but he as played 3 good games all year, only has about 5-6 games under his belt â€" if this selection wasn’t on the back of a #7 Knights jersey what is.

I question if Todd Carney â€" WHO HAS MORE EXPERIENCE AND BETTER FORM THAN MULLEN â€" wore a Knights or Bulldogs jersey, if he would have been picked......dont question the bias, the stats figures and numbers dont lie, and there is public backlash at this theory too.

Remove Baily NOW

Mason into front row
Lafranchi or even Reni Matui into 2nd row

Where is Greg Bird???????

Simpson?? â€" are you kidding me………

Its not a team picked on form, if that were the case Farrah, would have been hooker and Stewart would have been FB.

I am sorry I cannot ascertain the selection process except that Incumbunt is more important than FORM, which is a clear disgrace and blight to the credibility of the series itself……….the INCUMBUNTS now can sit back and not worry about being dropped, and there is no authentic competitive tussell, which would creat more form and confidence, and bring out the best of the best.

QLD 3-0………..13+ in each game……….30+ @ Lang Park

Don’t worry QLD has selection issues to………….Nate Myles comes off the bench for the lowly last ROOSTERS, but they have atleast the excuse that we cant fit everyone in the team, that backline would smash anyone backline in the Rugby League………..NSW have picked duds that have not been on top of their game since they made their debuts.

Anasta and Mullen will be disgraceful.
There will be more changes to the NSW team in this series than any other before………….because we will be smashed in the 1st……..make a few changes…….smashed in the 2nd………..make some more changes……smashed in the 3rd.

Next years team will look nothing like this one……….because they have farked up from game 1 in 2007

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