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Steve-o, your local celeb FYI


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Apr 18, 2010
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South Africa

The caption says it all really!
The crowd was awesome, cheering me on before and after the kick. There was a confirmed 30 000 people in the stadium.
The Sharks marketing management were great as well, very friendly and genuine.

A bit of a strange angle though, looks like my leg is detachable!
But what a buzz, so stoked!
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I just missed the banner on the ground that would of got me R2 000, like as in 5 inches away. Was windy as hell, the ball got blown over twice before the presenter (just out of picture) helped me out by holding the tip of the ball with his finger. Still owe him a beer lol
No, I tried though :(

I told the security that I was dyslexic and urgently needed to pop in and make sure there weren't 3 'S' letter flasher girls. No cigar
Top work on that kick Steve, now where the hell is the URL to your new fan club? Also, damn you for being able to goal kick, (I make average look good).

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