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Stormers coach stays on.



Well it's been confirmed.The stormers coach Kobus VD Merwe will be coaching the stormers and Western Province until the end of the season.This indeed is sad news and it will put a lid on all hopes on a possible blaze of glory later on in the season.
It's diffucult to understand how management could keep him.The stormers and Province never really looked like a great side and lost more than what they won.Winning 1 game is not gonna make things better as the problem lies much deeper.VD merwe could NEVER transform this side into a strategic,well balanced and consistant unit and the the proof is in the pudding.The playing style of the Stormers are an indication that there is no real structure and that each weekend they just go onto the park hoping that the opposition will make mistakes,perhaps an intecept try etc.They cannot play a good game based on a good plan and by overpowering the opposition.In short,anyone in Cape town can do a better job at coaching Province and the Stormers.We are tired of seeing the Stormers and Province losing at Newlands and VD Merwe making up some crappy excuse why they lost.
In short I think Stormers and Province management made a HUGE mistake.Newlands is not gonna see crowds of people while VD Merwe is in control.So my advice to all supporters of the Stormers and Province will be to forget about the Stormers and Province this year and start to support them again in 2008.They will just continue to storm backwards for the rest of the season and we will waste our money and time supporting them.Thank you Nick.

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