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Super 14 Draw Announced



2006 Tooheys New Super 14 draw at a glance

The Tooheys New Super 14 kicks off on Friday 10 February

The opening match between the Blues and the Hurricanes is the same opening match from the first year of Super 12 in 1996.

The expansion of the tournament from 12 to 14 teams has increased the number of matches from 69 to 94 (including finals)

Six of the seven matches in the opening round are local derbies, including two in Australia

There will be a total of 25 local derbies, including six in Australia (up from 3 in Australia during Super 12)

The number of matches to be played in Australia has increased to 26, plus any finals (up from 16-17 plus finals).

Teams with seven home matches in 2006 - Crusaders, Bulls, Reds, Cheetahs, Brumbies, Chiefs, Stormers

Teams with six home matches in 2006 - Blues, Force, Sharks, Hurricanes, Cats, Highlanders, Waratahs

As per the Super 12, teams will only make one trip across the Indian Ocean
34 of the 91 pool matches are Friday night matches

Six out of the seven teams to play the Western Force in Perth will do so either on the way to, or back from, South Africa - the only exception is the Waratahs who play the Force in Perth in between two home matches in Sydney

There is a maximum of two teams having a bye in any one week (some rounds in Super 12 saw four teams having a bye)

The Semi Finals will be on either 19 or 20 May, while the Final will be on Saturday 27 May

Super 14 Draw

damnit i was about to post this
just printed it out

auckland and wellington!

that game is an excellent way to kick off the new comp

allblacks a plenty!!!
Quite a nice simple jersey isn't it? Even if they ripped off the Hurricanes logo...
Yep, it works! I don't know what the S14 logo will look like on any other jersey though.
I'd say so... unfortunately. It works on jerseys (namely the Force's) but I don't think the pitch.
I don't like it one bit. The Draw and the Logo.

How lucky are Canterbury?
I still can't believe they are using that logo. What happened to the good old days of simplicity? Thats the only reason why the Super 12 and Trinations logos were effective. Flat colours, simple, symmetrical shapes, and legible font. This one looks like it was made for a flash cartoon. It uses horrible gradients, horrible country shapes, and horrible font. The more I think about it, the less and less I like it. It wouldn't be so bad on some of the jerseys becuse it's unintrusive there, but on a field/in magazine/on websites etc. anywhere it is the primary focus of something, it's very unnattractive. [/rant]

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