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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Canadian_Rugby_Guy, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, I just stumbled accross this website that seems to collect all kinds of sporting gear that's new but stores couldn't sell since new models are out etc. etc. before I start giving credit card numbers, i'd like to know if anyone has heard of these guys or can find out if they're a legit operation. They have some deals I'd be interested in if they ship to Canada. So any info anyone can give me would be good. Thanks very much
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  3. punisher

    punisher Guest

    I've never heard of them. With shipping costs, you lose much of the savings. You might try
    as shipping from the USA is usually much less than from Europe, and their prices are usually much better than what I saw on Team Direct.
  4. Actually, I calculated that for the pair of boots I'm going for (Nike Total 90 3 SG in gold and white) I'm only paying a hundred bucks when everything's taken into consideration. So I think I'm getting a pretty good deal. Thanks for the eastbay though, I'll definitely save it for the future.
  5. So I'm assuming no UK users have ever heard of team direct?
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