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The Ashes

Rich Taff

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Feb 10, 2013
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So, anyone looking forward to this? Personally I think it's a bit bizarre having 2 ashes in 1 year, but will be catching the highlights.

Can't see an Australian win, even with the apparent media campaign against KP and Broad.
I actually like the idea. Had there been a further year between them, like usual, the Broad incident and the Ausies reaction would not be as fresh in the memory and it wouldnt really mater but so soon after it adds an interesting sub plot (how will he respond to all the coverage/banter/abuse targeted at him)

I'll watch live as much as I can (hence why I'm up at 1:45am, dedication yo)
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Scorecard in an Aussie paper
I'm surprised they actually reported on it. From what I've heard, there is no 'sport section' if Australia aren't winning.
Say's it at the bottom with the *

"The 27yr old English Medium Pacer"

Scorecard in an Aussie paper
Lol. I find it amusing the way many Australian's have a reacted to the Broad incident. He simply did the same thing 1000's of other batsmen have done before - the fact the umpire made a shocking mistake is not his fault. If only there was some system in place to prevent shocking umpiring calls..... Oh wait there is. If Michael Clarke had actually used the system as it was designed (to eliminate these shocking decisions) rather than waste their reviews there wouldn't have been an issue :)

Even if Broad did something wrong (which he didn't) I would have though Australians would have embraced that it - after all they are the country that produced Dyer the liar (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P44ywF3iGqw) ;)

Anyways.... Australia did well to fight back (thanks to Haddin and Johnson) after being 100-odd for 5 at one stage, but England certainly had he better of day one. I particularly enjoyed the fact that Broad was the main destroyer. The Gabba pitch traditionally flattens out on days 2,3 and 4, so England should look to take advantage of these conditions (once they get the final 2 Aussie wickets).
Not going to go into specifics in case anyone is waiting to watch highlights, but England sure do things in style.......
What a difference a day makes! Australia completely one top now. I was surprised to see such a massive collapse by England. The pitch seems fine for batting - the English top order seemed to struggle to cope with the pace and bounce of the pitch. Australia need to build themselves a big lead, as I don't think they can expect England to fail with the bat so miserably twice in a row. The only thing that could work in England's favour is the weather, with possible storms forecast for today and Sunday (it looks fine outside at the moment though).
Yeah, nobody can organise a total collapse quite like England.

I still expect an England series victory, but they're very dependant on the bowling attack, and not the first time the batting has let them down.
Yeah, nobody can organise a total collapse quite like England.

I still expect an England series victory, but they're very dependant on the bowling attack, and not the first time the batting has let them down.

Pfft. You call that a collapse? You should watch NZ play some more - we will show you how it is really done ;)
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Damn, we're even called out for our lack of collapsing ability! Bloody Southern Hemisphere blinkers :p
Good day for the Australian team - racked up 400 runs and a 561 run lead over all, and have already taken 2 wickets. I don't want to count my chickens yet with the England side, but we're pretty solid for this test you'd think.
Yeah, it's Australia's to lose/draw now.

Poor batting by England, and not so great bowling. Swann took a real hammering.

Nice to see Australia being agressive in their 2nd innings, almost looked like the Australia of old.
Appalling from England. Looked like men vs. boys and England no matter what they say underestimated England. Australia deserved the win and if England don't buck up their ideas quickly they will be soon handing the Ashes back.

I'd look at making changes. Tremlett out and probably Trott. I know England don't change for the sake, but Trott needs to get out the fire and have some time to adjust himself. I'd like to see Ballance dropped into the 6th slot and Root moving to 3. Probably go with Finn instead of Tremlett.
Impressed with how we've come along, sure it was far from England's best performance but even the senior players, those who've had success in Australia failed to stand up for England. Cook, Petersen, Trott, Bell - one of them needed a hundred and the rest needed to bat around him, Whereas Haddin, Clarke and Warner all made significant contributions to the score. Also good to see Mitchell Johnson get the monkey off his back. sure he is a bit of a dick but the barmy army seemed to really get under his skin in previous series. hopefully our form can continue.

That 3rd quick bowlers spot is a tough one for england, who are the options? tremlett, finn, bresnan, or rankin... anyone else?
I'd put Finn in, but not sure if he's injured.
Any bowling attack will be poor if they're given such little time from the batsmen to recover though.

Still think it'll be an England series win/draw as they get used to the conditions, but could be proven completely wrong.

Clark's 'sledging' of Anderson was taking it too far, but Aus got the win.

Also, Mitchell Johnson has ruined the best song from the last ashes down there....

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I feel that Finn lost the faith of his coaches during the English Ashes series when he went for 18 off 2 overs and made a few blunders in the field. if he gets another opportunity, he'll have to make sure he takes it with both hands. has tremlett lost a yard of pace of the last few years. he was deadly against us in the last series on our soil, but seemed a bit flat when I saw him bowl.

the sledging happens all the time, both teams do it, the only problem this time is that Channel 9 forgot to press the mute button. there is always chat like that going on in all forms of cricket, except maybe social cricket. I've dished it out and copped it myself and consider it part of the game.

maybe the barmy army need some new material :)
For those who have not heard Trott has left the tour with the same stress illness that ended Trescothick and Yardy's England career. Hope him a speedy recovery.

Queue more distastefulness from Aussie Media.
Such a shame to hear, Trott is a big part of our batting lineup.

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