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    In my latest blog post I look at the upcoming British Grands Prix (link in my sig)

    "This time last year it was due to be Donnington in the final preparations to host the British race of the Formula 1 season. However, that failed to happen due to many reasons and, like retreating to a old friend for comfort F1 returns to Silverstone.

    The old friend, in the time F1 was courting Donnington, has undergone some racing botox. The “new†Silverstone incorporates the new “Arena†sector. The new section, aimed to increase the racing excitement, takes drivers off from Brooklands up into the circuits infield with a couple of lefts and rights and connects them back up at Abbey.

    If that wasn’t enough to fill this race with intrigue then the fact that the Championship’s top 2 drivers are both Brits and both team-mates should really stir up excitement and tension around the Northamptonshire based arena.

    There is also the usual infighting within the drivers ranks with Fernando Alonso continuing his opinion that the punishment handed to Lewis Hamilton at the last race in Valencia.(Hamilton was deemed to have overtaken the safety car to gain unfair advantage and promptly took his penalty fast enough to keep himself 2nd) was not harsh enough. Hamilton suggested that Alonso was just bitter.

    Hamilton and Alonso have always had one of the strongest rivalries between drivers since Schumacher and Hill, Schumacher and Hakkinen and Schumacher and pretty much any top driver he raced with. Although Lewis says that he and Alonso are “cool†now.

    So, to the racing then. .

    Although most teams have improved as the season goes on the midfield battle will be the most intriguing aspect of the race. Mercedes, Renault, Williams and Force India have not a lot of difference between them and I would expect Rosberg or Kubica to challenge for a podium.

    The main question then is who will win. Well, the consensus says that only Red Bull or McLaren can win this race and recent form backs that up. Since Alonso won the first race in Bahrain only drivers from Red Bull and McLaren have won races in 2010. The only case is who. Hamilton is probably favourite as he has a better qualifying record than Button and if it rains, which this being Britain during summer it may well do so, then Hamilton is imperious when it gets a bit soggy.

    Webber will be written off after his frightening crash at Valencia but nobody should write off an Aussie so I’m not going to. I’ll place Webber 2nd with Button 3rd.

    No doubt that this will be a belter of a race and hopefully the crowd will see some British success, I don’t think they’ll mind which one though."
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