The Bronze Medal Match!

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by BokMagic, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    The Match I would Like to See Now would be Argentina V New Zealand.
    What a performance by the Argies!
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  3. Hell of a rugby game - totally loved it. I yelled, jumped up and down and threw cushions about the place from some of the moves and the effort by the teams. Congrats to Argentina for never giving up and for being inspired. It's a pity that France could not go better in a home tournament, but it's not to say that they didn't try.
  4. Martin1813

    Martin1813 Guest

    ARgies were absolutly great. France'd been great, but only for the 20 first minutes. After, absolutly nothing.

    It's sad for France, whatever you want (I'm really sad :wah: ) but it's the game and the only thing we can say is "BRAVO" to our southern friends. They did a wonderful turnament, they were not expected at this level and this is a very goog news for the little world of rugby.

    I heard NZ want to come back to 16 teams to make pool phases more interesting. That's whoat they say. I think this is a mistake. This year, the "small squads" show a great capacity of playing (Fiji, Tonga, etc.) and I think it would be a mistake to restrain the number of countries. More match, more fun and chances for the orther countries to get better.
  5. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    Just a bémol.
    Pumas deserve to win, but they have to act like gentlemen if they want to be considered as true champion.
    Too many "hijo de puta" and other civility's during this match!
  6. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    Dude, your players were not exactly "gentlemen on the field". The packs were full of tricky moves, headshots, flying knees, etc.

    BTW, if they were cursing, there probably was a reason why...
  7. mirlos

    mirlos Guest

    If I was French, I would be absolutely ****** OFF with Laporte (I am a little bit, even though Im an Argie!). Its impossible to win a World Cup in any sport if you team is playing insecure, and thats exactly what Laporte did to the French squad. Constantly changing players in key positions (using Heymans and Traille as fullbacks, when Poitrenaud was on the bench, changing fly halves every single game, letting Vincent Clerc, maybe the best French player during the whole competition, in the bench against Argentina for almost 60 minutes).
    IMO, coaches have 1 game, maybe 2, to find the team in this kind of competition, if you start making experiments every half hour, this will be the result.

    France had players to win this RWC, but Laporte made far too many mystakes. :(

    PS: Im really happy about Argentina´s WC.
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Congrats to the Argies for getting the 3rd place, a thoroughly deserved win. You guys showed that Argentinian rugby is about much more than just a poerful pack of forwards and a very good kicking 10- you showed real flair, style and class. Surely if anybody doubted whether you guys belong in either the tri-nations or the six nations, I`m sure they don`t doubt it anymore!

    But if I have to make one huge whinge, it`ll be at the referee. Paul Honiss should`ve sorted out the niggle right when it started, in the 3rd minute already. By allowing players from both sides to engage in a little too much "how`s-your-father", he lost all control of the players, as well as of the game itself. It was perhaps the single most abjectly pathetic example of poor control by a referee that I`ve ever seen, culminating in the ridiculous yellow card "gained" by yet another Oscar-winning Chabal dive.
  9. alpopa

    alpopa Guest

    Great tournament for the Pumas ! Well done to them ! And they indeed finish in fifth gear !
  10. Fasolin

    Fasolin Guest

    Interestingly it turns out - for France and Argentina as all has begun - so all and has ended:) it would Be funny, if they have met in the Final...
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