The Bronze Medal Match!

Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by BokMagic, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Argentina did to France today what South Africa did to the Pumas. Punishing defense and clinical attacking deservedly swung the game in the south american team's favour. The pack were once again magnificent while the backline played with a menace they didn't display previously in the competition (bar spells against Ireland). Six wins versus one defeat is a marvellous and thoroughly deserved record to exit France 2007 with.

    It's good riddance to Bernard Laporte. He's wasted the talents of this French team by being both clueless and indecisive. Had another coach been in charge, France would be in the World Cup final with a tremendous chance of winning it. Instead players like Ibanez, Dominici and Pelous will retire without the World title their talents merit.
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  3. paco1

    paco1 Guest

    Just 2 questions:

    To the french posters who cried about the refereeing mistakes in the 1st match: How was the ref today?? Good enough , or Pumas won because of the ref??

    To Poitrenaud: You like rugby champagne? Is it good enough for you? I Pumas played prittier they would have scored 50 points?
  4. HarryPeters

    HarryPeters Guest

    Anyone got a video of this hit on Chabal?
  5. Rikeka

    Rikeka Guest

    I`m trying to find it too.
  6. Aeros

    Aeros Guest

    The hit on Chabal was bad, but his arms did go round so it might be a bit of a 50/50.

    But honestly, the flaring tempers and constant conflict spoiled the match a bit for me.
  7. jabali

    jabali Guest

    I can't believe it guys!!! I am so happy.
    I was at work and I had to give a talk exactly at the time the game started. I finished and asked for no questions and runned to watch the game. I am living in USA and there is very few places to watch the game. I arrived to the closest bar where they show footbal and sometimes rugby games... AND THEY WERE NOT SHOWING IT!!! I had 15 minutes left til the end of the game. I think that I might have 3 speed tickets to go as quick as possible to the other bar (an aussi one, Kiwi and the Kangaroo) and arrived just in time to watch the last 7 minutes of the match. It was incredible, I cannot tell you the joy of those moments.
    Sorry for this talking, I just wanted to share with you my experience.

    Go Pumas, thank you for this great world cup! and I hope that the new people coming after the stars's last participation (Pichot, Roncero, Contepomi, Hasan, etc) will keep doing so well as the old guys did.
  8. French playing like they did against AllBlacks the won on the day but that style of play wouldnt of won anymore then 2 games as shown today
  9. lucas2491

    lucas2491 Guest

    thank you pumas! :D
  10. korenta

    korenta Guest

    It`s still hard to believe what Los Pumas have grown in this last 10 years(or almost). From de victory against Ireland in 1999, to the one against France today. Incredible, a great group of players who entered in the history of Rugby in Argentina, becoming the best team we ever had.

    Than you Pumas!

    I apologize for my English;)
  11. martincho

    martincho Guest

    naaaaaaa----- so what if it's Ibanez's last game?? It's also Hasan's last game, and maybe even Pichot's last.
    And besides, Argentina didn't spoil France's RWC... it just is a better team. And that is something France is reluctant to admit...
    It isn't enough to organise the RWC to become champion, you also have to win some games....

    LETS GO PUMAS!!! :cheers:
    [/b][/quote] :D :D :D :D
  12. martincho

    martincho Guest

    I think the same question!!
    There should be some reasons but the main one for me was the Boks strategy, then can add pressure and bad "last night" plenty of nerves.

    Anyway they overcome the negative feelings and played the best match in their world cup.

    BTW: During this most of all rugby clubs in Argentina have received a lot of new enrollments!!! So, more little Pumas are we go!!!!!!
  13. 36crazyfist

    36crazyfist Guest

    just bloody marvelous!!

    well done argentina!! :bravo:
  14. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    I'm not afraid to tell that here again, the ref let an awfull number of faults unpunished. Especially balloons played while at ground, diving and many things not regular in particuly in rucks.

    After that we sure didn't enter the game with the same intentions. Argentina came in with the 3rd place in mind, as our players just came with an incredible deisre of creation and game, after their huge frustration against England, with a coach strategy they applied but didn't believe in.
  15. asado

    asado Guest

    I don't think so, even before two minutes of play there were already fights. France tried all they had against los Pumas in the first 20 minutes and they weren't able to cross the line. It wasn't a clean match and it was quite clear that both teams would die to win it.
  16. asado

    asado Guest

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  17. ikvat

    ikvat Guest

    the weather is sunny but fresh today!
    4° at 6 am.
  18. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    I don't think so, even before two minutes of play there were already fights. France tried all they had against los Pumas in the first 20 minutes and they weren't able to cross the line. It wasn't a clean match and it was quite clear that both teams would die to win it.

    So clearly, but "fights" don't obligatory mean motivation for winning the match.
    France entered with the volonty to erase the inauguration match by playing more, and offering the public a clear opened show, as for Argentina 3rd place was crucial.

    I do not blame Argentina about that, they've now been fighting for such a long time in the first pool of international Rugby and they really deserve to enter tri nations as they 're probably going to do soon.

    But what happened also after the match is not clearly to the proud of the players. Insulting players before, during and after players was not right. We're not angel but that's not a reason to switch on fires like that, here again, it's not football and respect starts on the playground.
    The after match was more tended yesterday than any of the worst crunch we've ever played with England.

    Pumas should remind where they are still playing every day...
  19. asado

    asado Guest

    Yes, France gave it away.

    I guess you mean Ibañez being unable to accept another defeat against a better team.

    Bad stuff but pretty much from both sides.

    They do and they supported France in other matches, just like against Ireland where an irish victory would have secured a QF spot. French should remember that if Pumas play in their league is because they are paid to do so, there are other Pumas in England, Ireland and Italy too.
  20. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Well, Argentina have been a complete revelation to me. Not only clearly better than Ireland, but clearly better than France.

    My two gripes:

    They stuck with a limited game against SA, failing to unleash their backs when it mattered, and left a possible RWC behind them. Just think of what Fiji did by running at SA. Arg could have been world champions. Amazing.

    And the spoiling in the rucks and mauls last night deserved yellows, the hit on Chabal a yellow and citation, just like Brian Lima. Still, it means we can look forward to plenty more passion in Arg/France matches in the future.

    Where do they go next? Watch out, ABs!
  21. LeeFH

    LeeFH Guest

    i would have never thought a second that argentina would make it to the 3rd spot! hats off, however i feel a bit sad for the way france has ended its world cup.
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