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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Deano, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Deano

    Deano Guest

    The U21 Italian team won 30-0 against Rovigo club

    Berbizier was watching, hopefully he saw the impressive Sepe who scored 2 tries... 20 year old winger.

    Italia U21: Rubini; Bacchetti, Sepe, Pavan, Giampietri; Ceccato E., Tebaldi; Duca D., Talotti, Derbyshire; Beccaris, Flammini; De Marchi, Giovanchelli, Sciamanna
    altri giocatori utilizzati: De Bonis, Turroni, Sola, Barbieri, Scarnecchia, Valcastelli
    Marcatori: 2 mete Bacchetti, Sepe; 1 meta Rubini, Derbyshire

    CLASSIFICA alla 10ª giornata di campionato










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  3. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    How is rugby catching on in Italia? In which parts of the country is it most predominant?
  4. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Do not live in Italy myself, Im a Londoner, with an Italian father. Which is why I decided to join a Rugby forum, to learn a bit more about the views of rugby in Italy and the views on Italy as a rugby nation in general.

    Treviso who are top of the league in Italy... its a very sporting town, they also have one of the best basketball teams in Italy, surprising for quite a small city.

    Rugby seems like it is growing, but it is still a long way away from being a main sport in Italy... however the Flaminio is always full when the rugby team play which is something quite good and it is becoming more popular.

    I would say it is a bit more popular in the north... as you can see the main teams such as Viadana and the 2 Parma clubs are of course all situated around Parma... Calvisano is near Milan. Treviso is Northern Italy. Probably quite popular in some smaller cities like L'Aquila, Parma etc.
  5. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Nice Kit at Calvisano...
    What team do you support?
  6. Deano

    Deano Guest

    In Italy I support Almaviva Capitolina because they are based in Rome ... In other nations I support Stade Francais because they have 3 Italians :)
  7. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Good Call on Supporting Stade Francais!
  8. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Parma beat Borders for the only win of the heineken cup for an Italian side :)
  9. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    Didn't Calvisano defeat Bourgoin at Bourgoin last season?

    With so many of the Top Italian rugbymen playing abroad this must not be difficult for the Italian clubs to be at the level of the H-cup.

    By the way do you know what is the position of the Italian clubs in the ongoing crisis at the ERC?
  10. danit

    danit Guest

    Didn't Calvisano defeat Bourgoin at Bourgoin last season?[/b][/quote]no, it was Treviso 2 seasons ago, they beat Bougoin home and abroad, and beat Bath too, but Treviso at that time had players like Canale and Parisse...

    no position at all, just standing at the window and seeing what's happening

    at the moment in Italy there's a huge clash: the Federation would like to set up 3-4 fanchises but the Super10 League doesn't, big clubs want to go by thier own with no franchises and just a few professional sides, two major tems (Treviso and Calvisano) already letf the Super10 league, little clubs don't want franchises and don't want big clubs to leave the League... a mess...
  11. Deano

    Deano Guest

    U21 squad for Scotland

    Questi i convocati: BACCHETTI Andrea (Femi CZ Rugby Rovigo), BARBIERI Andrea (Consiag I Cavalieri R.Prato), BECCARIS Luca (Cammi Calvisano), BORSI Alessandro (Cammi Calvisano), BUSO Paolo (Cammi Calvisano), CECCATO I Enrico (Marchiol Sanmarco), CRISTIANO Filippo (Cammi Calvisano), DE MARCHI Alberto (Overmach Parma), DERBYSHIRE Paul (Rolly Gran Parma), DUCA Davide (Consiag I Cavalieri R.Prato), DUCA Natale (Arix Viadana), GATTO Nicola (Carrera Petrarca Padova), GIAZZON Davide (Marchiol Sanmarco), GIOVANCHELLI Lorenzo (Carrera Petrarca Padova), MINTO Francesco (Overmach Cariparma), PAVAN Riccardo (Overmach Cariparma), RUBINI Giulio (Overmach Cariparma), SCIAMANNA Plinio (Arix Viadana), SEMENZATO Fabio (Benetton Treviso), SEPE Michele (AlmavivA Capitolina), SGARBI Alberto (Benetton Treviso), TEBALDI Tito (Rolly Gran Parma), TVERAGA Mantvydas (Stade Francais), WILSON Michael (Saracens)

    Danit you could probably have more idea on who the more promising players are from this bunch so please enlighten me :)
  12. danit

    danit Guest

    forwards: sure prospects are Tveraga (lithuanian origins) - a strong lock playing quite well for Stade Francais espoirs, Giovanchelli - a good hooker playing regulary in italian Super10 at Padova, and the capt. Derbyshire - a flanker with leadership attitude playing at Parma

    backs: to be mentioned are the wingers Sepe (he has some caps with the senior national team too) and Bacchetti, a player who was picked by Biarritz but who preferred to go back home some months ago despite the good preseason he had with the senior team and the very good season he was having with the espoirs team

    but probably the most promising players above all are the very youngs Wilson - a scrumhalf playing for Saracens, and Magri (actually injured) - a flyhalf (or fullback) playing for Stade Francais, both still 18-19 years old and already showing great attitudes
  13. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Thanks, good stuff... I will look out for Wilson and Magri... could be our future partnership at scrum half and fly half. I also have grea hope for Sepe who Ive seen a bit. We still have a decent future to go with some youngish players from the senior team.. Pratichetti(22), Mirco Bergamasco (23/24), Parisse (23/24), Canale (24), Masi (25), Castrogiovanni (25), Bernabo (22)
  14. jake the mus

    jake the mus Guest

    was talking to daniel bowdan yesterday who is now based in italy. he was at northland
  15. danit

    danit Guest

    these guys won 10-27 at Falkirk last night

    I couldn't see the game (no tv coverage was scheduled) but I read some reports

    the game started well for scottish, who scored a try in the first minutes and were leading 10-3 at min. 17

    halftime score was 10-9

    second half was totally italian, with a huge performance by the pack (prop Sciamanna motm), a penalty try under the scrum pressure, a second try by the hooker Giazzon, a good performance from the kicker D. Duca (5 pens, 1 conv) and an outstanding defence by everybody that didn't allow the scots to play any offense in 2nd half

    congrats to guys!
  16. Deano

    Deano Guest

    A great week for Italain rugby beginning with that huge performance of the U21... followed by the even bigger performance from the senior team winning at Murrayfield... Italy has truly announced itself on International rugby.

    Falkirk, venerdì 23 febbraio 2007
    6 Nazioni Under 21, III giornata
    SCOZIA U21 – ITALIA U21 10-27 (10-9)
    SCOZIA: Goudie; McCall, Grove, Hogg G., Anderson; Ferguson (cap), Bringhurst (15’ st. Hunter); Lipp, McGilchrist, Vernon; McKenzie, Lambert (31’ st. McHurdell); Traynor, MacArthur, Dymock
    ITALIA: Rubini; Sepe M., Sgarbi, Duca D. (37’ st. Ceccato E. I), Bacchetti; Buso, Wilson; Derbyshire (cap), Cristiano, Barbieri A. (39’ st. Minto); Duca N., Beccaris (33’ st. Saccardo); De Marchi (35’ st. Borsi), Giazzon, Sciamanna
    MARCATORI: p.t. 9’ m. Vernon tr. Ferguson (7-0); 13’ cp. Duca D. (7-3); 17’ drop Grove (10-3); 24’ cp. Duca D. (10-6); 30’ cp. Duca D. (10-9); s.t. 4’ cp. Duca D. (10-12); 12’ m. tecnica Italia tr. Duca D. (10-19); 23’ m. Giazzon (10-24); 28’ cp. Duca D. (10-27)
    ARBITRO: Richards (Inghilterra)


    Edinburgo, sabato 24 febbraio 2007
    RBS 6 Nazioni, III giornata
    SCOZIA – ITALIA 17-37 (10-24)
    SCOZIA: Southwell; Lamont, Di Rollo, Dewey (35’ st. Henderson), Paterson (cap); Godman (18’ st. Walker), Cusiter (26’ st. Lawson); Callam (10’ st. Hogg), Brown, Taylor; Murray S. (33’ st. Hamilton), Hines; Murray E. (38’ pt.-40’ pt. Jacobsen), Hall (18’ st. Ford), Kerr (10’ st. Jacobsen)
    ITALIA: De Marigny; Robertson, Canale G., Bergamasco Mi., Masi (33’ pt. Zaffiri); Scanavacca (39’ st. Pez), Troncon; Parisse S., Bergamasco Ma., Zanni; Bortolami (cap), Dellapè (23’ st. Bernabò V.); Castrogiovanni Mar. (17’ pt. Nieto), Festuccia (18’ st. Ongaro), Lo Cicero (18’ st. Perugini)
    ARBITRO: Courtney (Irlanda)
    MARCATORI: p.t. 1’ m. Bergamasco Ma. tr. Scanavacca (0-7); 4’ m. Scanavacca tr. Scanavacca (0-14); 6’ m. Robertson tr. Scanavacca (0-21); 13’ m. Dewey tr. Paterson (7-21); 19’ cp. Scanavacca (7-24); 39’ cp. Paterson (10-24); s.t. 20’ m. Paterson tr. Paterson (17-24); 26’ cp. Scanavacca (17-27); 31’ cp. Scanavacca (17-30); 35’ m. Troncon tr. Scanavacca (17-37)
    NOTE: Alessandro Troncon Man of the Match, campo pesante, 6000 italiani presenti, cartellino giallo per Simon Taylor al 19’ p.t., Gonzalo Canale al 39’ st.
  17. getofmeland

    getofmeland Guest

    Fantastic Weekend for rugby for the Italians

    Well done guys, may your success grow and grow
  18. danit

    danit Guest

    just to complete the infos, Italy U19 won at Melrose on sunday:

    Melrose, 25 feb 2007
    International Test Match
    SCOZIA U19 – ITALIA U19 13-19 (10-9)
    SCOTLAND: Duthie; Bury, Kinloch, McColl, Smart; Murray, Samson; Wukovits, Bryce (cap), Burton; Patrick, Brown; Stafford, McAnally, Strain
    ITALIA: Magri (4’ st. Fiorani); Pratichetti A., Quartaroli, Chiesa, Rotella; Bocchino, Martinelli; Mernone, Petillo (15’ st. Maestri, 34’ st. D’Apice), Favaro; Giusti, Cazzola; Ravalle (32’ st. Violi), Morelli, De Marchi
    Ref: Gauzere (France)
    Scorers: 7’ pen. Bocchino (0-3); 12’ pen. Bocchino (0-6); 26’ t. McColl con. McColl (10-6); 34’ pen. Bocchino (10-9); 42’ pen. McColl (13-9); 49’ t. Mernone con. Bocchino (13-16); 61’ pen. Bocchino

    btw. Scotland won the A teams test match (Perth, 13-7) and the women game (Edinburgh, 26-6)
  19. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    Wait, wait!
    NICE kit?
    You have got to be jokng.
    I despise the Ospreys jersey because it has too many sponsors on it...but that top really is a walking billboard.
  20. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Wait, wait!
    NICE kit?
    You have got to be jokng.
    I despise the Ospreys jersey because it has too many sponsors on it...but that top really is a walking billboard.

    Corporate teams are the best way to go IMO.

    The Japanese TOPLEAGUE teams have little or no advertising because they are paid for by their owning Corporations like IBM Big Blue and Toyota Verblitz.

    Also as they are Japanese, they can afford to have reeaaaally silly names like "WORLD FIGHTINGBULL", "SANYO WILD KNIGHTS" and "NORTHAMPTON" :lol:
  21. Deano

    Deano Guest

    Wow, winning the U19 aswell... big week for Italy at all levels.
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