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Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by THE CHIROPRACTOR101, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. i find it kinda f***ed up that this isnt here...

    anyways...jus watching the roosters add there players to the injury toll :D ...

    hey anyone hear gould get owned by ray warren?... :lol: :lol: :lol: dont get into an arguement with 'the voice' so happy that the triseries is coming down here and we dont have to hear those assheads in the north commentate..
    coz on sky sports we have the option to choose aussie or nz commentry..and i know that i will be listening to ray warren and not those other wannabes

    big game this weekend....knights vs cowboys...toughy this one..joey johns vs thurston in who can orchestrate there respective teams better..
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  3. There should be an NRL thread, somewhere.... :blink:

    Managed to watch the Broncos and the Chooks before, great to see Mark Edmondson get off the bench.
  4. *sigh*

    Last night was the 1st time i had watched Braith play in a roosters jersey.


    I only watched about 9 minutes of the game...the 1st try being scored...then i saw braith celebrate with them and told my mum she could turn over as i had, had enough. Then i watched the last 6 minutes. They kept showing Braith.

    God damit. Yes i am over him leaving us to go to them and i still respect him lots. But damn it was hard to see him play for them and celebrate with them :(

    Some Bulldogs supporters are wishing him the worst and hoping he gets a career ending injury. I am not one of them. I think they've forgotten all the great times he had at the Bulldogs and the things he did for us. Like when we were playin the warriors last year. It was his 2 or 3 tries (cant remember how many he scored) that won us the game. Without him playing in that game i dont think we could have won.

    *sigh* i'll get over it .... lol well i am over it ... i just feel betrayed :mellow:

    I wish him all the best though :)
  5. well im happy hes not in rugby union....ive had enough of laughing at australias depth in players

    its like they dont have junior grades...except for the nrl
  6. Yeh but i could of handled it if he went to souths. But c'mon the roosters??

    But im just sick of everyone bagging him out :%#%#:
  7. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    What's so bad about the roosters? We're a shining light compared to the bloody bulldogs! Seriously, how any conscientious rugby league fan could defend the dogs after years of consistently producing damaging headlines for the NRL is just stupid! No offence, but it's almost like the Bulldogs want to help Union and AFL by tarnishing the very name of rugby league!

    Lets review the events since 02: The Dogs breach the cap by massive amounts and make headlines, the players get involved in the gang raping of a woman, their fans start a riot and destroy parts of Aussie Stadium, their fans set off a bomb at Telstra stadium, then their fans start another riot, this one Telstra, in which several tigers fans, including a 3 year old boy are rushed to emergency with severe cuts and bleeding...
    No offence, but criticism of the roosters is just funny when it comes from doggies fans.
  8. the roosters have that posh image..and they portray it quite well,all uptight ******** who think they can do as they please on the field...

    and like your team has 13 captains and 4 captains on the bench..everytime the ref calls a penalty against them they all blow up and start arguing and bitching like girls at a malls clothing sale(80% off)

    yep..bunch of whiney c***s,but i only can blame that stupid face coach of yours..if they had cameras on ricky stuart for the whole cud be made into a movie and win a academy award in best foreign drama..

    hes a crying bitch...his key to success is to cry...crying is weak,its for those of low self esteem,those on the edge of suicide...its out of charity he wins coz he can cry the nile river out across australia if he had too

    nah but really..i hate them coz they beat the warriors in the final haha
  9. haha i love you :p

    no not really but i love your post about the roosters.

    the only one of those sun silk boys i respect is bwaif.

    *sigh* 2004 was the best year ever :p

    bring oonnn round 9.

    btw im soo nervous bout the dogs game this afternoon :ph34r:
  10. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    ah dont be its only the bunnies :D
  11. ffs and your telling me this :p

    hello a) every time sonny bill has gotten injured .. its been against souths
    B) we didnt win against them in both games last year..drew one..lost the other

    and your telling me not to worry :ph34r:
  12. paddy303

    paddy303 Guest

    how awesome are north queensland going?its great
  13. I dont mind the cows when they're not playin us!! :p

    Did anyone watch the bulldogs vs rabbits game this afternoon. What a rippa.

    Sonny Bee is back ladies & gents *claps* B)
  14. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    Gotta ask KTK, why are you a dog's fan and not a warriors one?
  15. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    probably the same reason why i am a eels fan and not a warriors one

    the warriors suck :D
  16. Lol they do not suck :p i just prefer the bulldoggie doggs :D
  17. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    i hate the poodles, just because its my sisters favourite team :)
  18. Haha i gots a soft spot for em!!
  19. i only like the bulldogs coz of all the kiwis that come thru there grades
  20. my whole family hates them.

    but thats good so no one else in my family is cheering for them :p
  21. well thye playing the warriors this week..they always had solid matches so this one shud be too...and sonny bills back in action..i remember his 1st game against the warriors when he rag dolled stacy jones and put toopi on his ass..shud b solid game

    hope hes fit enuff for the anzac game
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