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What's is Musk's obsession with X?
It's his 'brand' he didn't invent PayPal he "created" a diffrent site x.com. which merged confinity to become PayPal. So it makes soke sense but a whole bunch of ******** on the side.
No, the steering does work, your just holding the steering wheel wrong.
And the charging point breaks after every year, requiring you to buy a new charging point that only Apple use.
And the charging point breaks changes design after every year, requiring you to buy a new charging point that only Apple use.

Changes design every year, just enough so its incompatible. So you have to get a new charging point installed for every new model.
If it's anything like the magic mouse you're gonna have to flip it on the roof to charge it
Even if you don't.

It's up there in the British consciousness with Myra Hindley & Ian Brady!
Yep, to think he would have been 32 today had he lived. Was one of the sickest most depraved murders in British criminal history made all the worse being committed by two other children.
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Jesus Christ, haven't heard about this crime but read some details after your post..what a nightmare
Yeh Rachel Nikkel on Wimbledon Common was another one notorious from the 1990s. I think in that case her son's father moved abroad with him he was so traumatised. But at least, AFAIK, no AI has been used in that case.
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Nobody could ever accuse Musk of having taste, or even managing basic empathy. I'll be very surprised if he is allowed to keep a bright, flashing light right in the middle of the city with offices / apartments opposite.

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