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The website has changed...



Guys... the website has changed...

just exploring it now but looks pretty cool now... Here

EDIT: The FAQ is new, but most of it has just been recycled... hopefully they'll add more, although it clearly states 10 Feb release so not far away at all!
the website dosen't work properly on linux mozilla. can't click on the buttons at the top. Nice..
Originally posted by Air Ben@Jan 26 2006, 08:32 PM
Locks! They have been spying on you!
Ahh the cheeky devils! I knew they had spy satelites all around the world...

that website is really good. cant help thinking ea are beginning to think they should be backing this big time. How good are the player likenesses on the first flash part!? henson for example was insanely good.
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i liked the qa biggrin.gif sounds good[/b]

I do everytime, and I'm afraid I have done it again...

I hope EA can actually leave me pleased.
Originally posted by nik@Jan 26 2006, 10:55 PM
cant believe gavin henson is an impact player
Carefull, don't insult Henson when Loratadine's around cause he'll kill you.

But Dan Carter is miles better than Henson. Henson's only a 'impact player' due to him being on the cover, merely part of the deal no doubt.
yes im sure - henson is not what i call an impact player - hes a different type of player.

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