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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. firestelab

    firestelab Guest

    Hello everybody ! I'm Stephane, from South West of France.... Good luck for all for the World Cup ...And, Allez les Bleus !
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  3. apoch632

    apoch632 Guest

    Hello everyone. I'm Allen from Ireland. Leinster and Ireland fan
  4. poopiepeople

    poopiepeople Guest

    I'm Brendan. Hey everyone.
  5. paolocar88

    paolocar88 Guest

    Hi all!!! A new guy from Italy

  6. lukeIRL

    lukeIRL Guest

    I'm Luke. From Donegal/Belfast.

    Expecting France to win world cup, but hoping Ireland can scrape it.

    I like food, outdoors and long walks :eek:

    I'm also sometimes a musician, studying music technology in belfast.
  7. blamire

    blamire Guest

    Hi Wasps fan from north England!
  8. blinded

    blinded Guest

    hi, im new for you
  9. davo

    davo Guest

    Hi all, im from Australia
  10. Laetca

    Laetca Guest

    Why not tell a bit more about yourself? Just saying where you're from isn't helping us to get to know you, or we'd have to go by international clichés.

    That would make blinded not too tall, dark haired, dark skinned, moustached. He'd also have a temper (and he'd be living in the country that has the best tortilla in the world, eat your heart out Mexico!), be addicted to soccer (see, that already doesn't fit in) and know several girls named 'Maria'.

    davo would live in the middle of nowhere, driving a car at the age of fourteen, being tutored via radio since the nearest school is 150 km away, and knowing a lot of girls named 'pippa'. You'd also have a pet kangaroo and say things like 'barbie', when you mean barbecue (although I heard someone in the US say that too).

    Just giving two examples of how wrong clichés are, so why not elaborate?

    (don't mean to insult anyone, just standard nonsense that is in my mind tied with Spain and Australia)
  11. Melkor

    Melkor Guest

    Hi all,

    I am in the forum for a few mouths, but i will make my presentation now.

    My name is João Borges(the similar in English is John...)

    I am from Portugal, and i live in Lisbon

    21, years old (17th October)

    82kg, 1,82m

    I am a military/student (Military Academy)

    I play rugby in the Universitary champ, by the Military Academy

    I play usually as a wing, but sometimes as a 2nd center

    I also like to surf...

    About the music... my fav band is Iron maiden... but there is much more music kinds i like...

    I would like that Ireland win the RWC07, and i am ansious to O'Driscoll playing.

    If anyone of you come to Portugal, Lisbon anytime, please tell me and i will show you the "secrets" of this nice place.

    Anything else... just ask me :cheers:
  12. AllezWasps

    AllezWasps Guest

    Hello people of the rugbying internet, I am AllezWasps (or Jack)

    I support London Wasps, as well as a few international sides.

    I have quite a big selection of heritage so it allows me to support England (my Fathers side are mostly English) France (my Mothers side is from France) Ireland (my grandmother is from Munster) and even Kenya (my Father was brought up there for 15 years) so I usually enjoy the top 3 in the Six Nations :p

    I got into rugby about 10 years ago, but only found a real interest in it after the 2003 Six Nations, and of course, the Rugby World Cup 2003. The same season I had Wasps winning the Heineken Cup and Zurich Prem double, so that was nice :cheers: .

    Looking forward to talking rugby with you all, and looking forward to the new season coming up :) .
  13. Agusx

    Agusx Guest

    Hi everybody, I'm Agustín from Argentina

    Best regards :p
  14. bibou742

    bibou742 Guest

    hi im nico
  15. elk jimenez

    elk jimenez Guest

    hello! I'm Elk from Mexico, currently living in Australia, my favorite team are the Brumbies

  16. Museite

    Museite Guest

    Hi folks. I'm new.

    Live in London and follow Wasps, Natal Sharks, Western Force (basically anyone Ruan Pienaar and Matt Giteau play for :p). Support England first always, but have a major soft spot for the Springboks now.

    I lived in Durban for 2 years (2004-6) which is why I love the S14 and the Sharks. Haven't played proper competitive rugby for several years but am in my Law School team (wing or cover scrumhalf). Used to play Wing or Cover #13 for my high school/sixth form teams.

    Love music (most rock genres except screamo) but anything catchy is good. Have played drums for 14 years and am kinda semi-pro. I'm a Law student (2nd year).
  17. Hi everybody !!! I'm The Dodô_Ône from France. Biarritz, France & Samoa fan.
  18. Carlito

    Carlito Guest

    Howdy everyone!
  19. tremz

    tremz Guest


    tremz from Rome, Italy.
  20. UMaineRugger

    UMaineRugger Guest

    i need to get to 10
  21. Google

    Google Guest

    Afternoon Guys,

    Dean here, 22 year old back row player, who's now living in Vancouver, Canada, but grew up in England.

    Played for Esher, Newbury, London Irish and represented Surrey County, and I'm now playing for a small DIV 2 team in Vancouver called The Scribes.

    Having played Rugby since I was 7, I've recently renewed my interest again, and I'm working my way to try and play DIV 1 Rugby with one of the local teams, and hopefully getting some good run outs!

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