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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. hello,
    i can't believe this place. i can't seem to do anything or go anywhere because i don't have permission. its like a giant pyramid scheme! all i want to do is download the rugby 08 editor and be on my way. any suggestions as to how i get permission to download it?
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  3. pparker

    pparker Guest

    same here, though i am not new member, i am since 06, now that rugby 08 is available, i want to check-out first what everybody have to say before i get my copy.

    i hope admin would let me at least see the rugby 08 forum,.

    thank you
  4. rugby 08 is a shockingly bad game. i had it on ps2 but then got rid of it. i bought it on pc instead in the hopes that i might be able to do soemthing about the shambolic rosters. only to find that i can't get my hands on the editor...
  5. Eternal Idol

    Eternal Idol Guest

    Come on! Is WAY TOO EASY, the RWC is going on RIGHT NOW. Don't you have anything to say about it???
  6. killowatt69

    killowatt69 Guest

    Hi I' Killowatt I'm from France and I support France and CS Bourgoin Jallieu.
  7. juankerr1983

    juankerr1983 Guest

    yep i too am not allowed to view the rugby 08 forum till i make 10 posts so here they are
  8. Beavis

    Beavis Guest

    Yo people this 10 posts rule needs some serious reconsideration!!!
  9. aussiestowin

    aussiestowin Guest

    Yes they are tasty, I am not NZer but a Hangi is a good feed.
  10. pparker

    pparker Guest

    well, can somebody at least highlight was whats is GOOD and NOT soo.. in rugby 08?

    at least those who have it already..

    couldn't find any decent review about it either.


  11. gazza74

    gazza74 Guest

    G`day guys,
    My name is Gary and im`from sunny Brisbane in Australia and i am new to this forum and so far from what i have read i am impressed so keep up the good work fellas :)
  12. pat11

    pat11 Guest

    greeting has all, excused my English. I am new here, I am French rugby player, I live close to Lyon. I played the most of high level-19 and-21. I shall like to create report of amicable with rugby players of other country.
  13. talon

    talon Guest

    Hi everyone, my first post on this forum. And an excellent one at that. I from Benoni, South Africa :)
  14. alcfof

    alcfof Guest

    i'm Fred and i'm from France :)
  15. somersetwest

    somersetwest Guest

    I love rugby, cricket and football.
    I'm new here. I'm from somerset west in South Africa. I'm soo proud of my team, the springboks.

    Had a great friday night - and my friend told me about this site so i decided o pop along.

    He's from england, i watchedthe game with him. :bleh!: just had to say that so i could use this smiley.

  16. Pash

    Pash Guest

    Hey guys,

    Im new here, want to know some Rugby 08 secrets. love the game, Addicted to it.

    Teams I love and my rankings for them:

    1) Australia :cheers:
    2) Argentina
    3) Iran (they are 100% wins after their first 2 internationals :bravo: )
    4) All other teams in the world
    5) South Africa :angry:
    6) England :zzz:
    7) New Zealand :%#%#:

    I dont play rugby, I got into it too late, now Im too old.
    If I played, I would probably be forced into Prop position (Im 150kgs <_< ).

    Any way, If you know of any secrets (eg. choosing any team you like in play now mode) in Rugby 08, Pass them along.

    Lotsa Love,
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