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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by getofmeland, Jul 28, 2006.

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  1. fab132

    fab132 Guest


    i'm fabien and i'm a new forumer.

    Im' from France and i play to rugby 08

    Goodbye everybody
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  3. k0ffy

    k0ffy Guest

    Hi! My name is Filipe, and im from Portugal.
    I dont play the game but i like to watch it, and i've joined to try to understand the game better.
  4. Leo Luigi

    Leo Luigi Guest

    Hey :D
    I'm Leo Luigi, I'm from Porto Alegre, Brazil And I'm a flanker
    What's up peeps?
  5. Eightman

    Eightman Guest

    Hey all, Calvin from Canada here.

    I've been playing rugby with my school for four year but have really only gotten serious about it this past year.

    I first started playing at prop, but have since moved to... well I guess you guys can figure it out.

    I'm really psyched about the world cup and can't wait to start watching it (even though I'm going to have to jump through hoops to do so).

  6. naustaile

    naustaile Guest

    Hi, my name is Pascal I'm french and I play for long time to Perpignan now i'm stopping playing rugby 10 years ago at thirty years old. Thx for your great forum and sorry for my bad english.
  7. denis

    denis Guest

    Hi all, Denis here, back again! I'm from Munster, Ireland travelling the world following the snow and getting very little rugby in :(
  8. mario66

    mario66 Guest

    Hi I am Mario and even if I do not play rugby myself I really enjoy watching it.
  9. messer94

    messer94 Guest

    Hello, I am from Minnesota and enjoyed watching Rugby during college and wish we had some teams around here.
  10. Akbar

    Akbar Guest

    Hello, I am from South Africa. I like braaivleis, women, cars and rugby. So basically, I am male.

    Pleased to meet you all.
  11. tryphon

    tryphon Guest

    hello everybody

    i'm from france, i'm vincent and i'm 21.

    I support france for this world cup and i think we can see good matchs
  12. venegor

    venegor Guest

    Hy all. I'm a new member. I'm from Hungary. I love rugby and other sports !!!
  13. BecKoU

    BecKoU Guest

    hi i'm becou from fance and we will be world champions :D
  14. freddy

    freddy Guest

    Hello Everyone, im from Wales....
  15. Fridge

    Fridge Guest

    Im Ben fron Kent!

    Currently at Uni In Gloucester, which is quite convenient at I support the might cherry and whites!

    I'm a prop, either side of the scrum and have been playing since well I could walk!
  16. hello I am from italy and I played rugby for three years after I ve lost 9 years playing american football.
    Anyway I love tackling!!!
  17. davymark

    davymark Guest

    Hello, I'm from NY,USA. I play for Lansdowne RFC, we play D2 in the Metropolitan NY RFU. I'm pretty new and play wing.
  18. Hawkeye

    Hawkeye Guest

    Hi, Hawkeye here, so first post in the introduction thread. So here's a few titbits about myself.

    I'm from Hawkes Bay.
    I support Hawkes Bay, The Hurricanes and the All Blacks.
    I hate brussel sprouts
    I have played for Wairoa Celtic, Utiku Old Boys, Cunning Stunts (Lincoln Uni) Ngatapa RFC, Aylesbury RFC (UK) Tring RFC (UK)
    I hate bad drivers
    Micheal Johnston is my fav HB player
    My left testicle hangs lower than my right
    Christian Cullen is my fav attacting player I have seen play
    I'm a farmer
    Buck Shelford was my hero at school
    I pick my nose too much (so the Mrs says)
    I run with a mate
    I perfer working in the sun than a cold wet winters day
    I play tighthead prop, but have been known to hang out on the wing
    I always wanted to play blindside flank
    I love a good proper curry, a Badami Kana from Mela Resturant in Aylesbury UK I would kill for.
    I rate Rueban Thorn
    I hate to admit it, but love flash coffee

    Thats about it for now.
  19. dek

    dek Guest

    Hi, I'm Dami from England

    I'm not really into club rugby but I watch the internationals and I play a little at flanker or on occasion at centre.
  20. stalefish1

    stalefish1 Guest


    my name's sion.
    i'm from wales, and i play second-row.
    i'm trying to get more involved in the playing aspect of the game.
  21. satory

    satory Guest

    Hi im John,

    I mainly watch as many internationals as I can,

    I havent played for a few years though.
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