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The Witcher

I have been playing the Witcher lately, I am up to chapter 2 at the moment. Its a good CRPG similar in style to NWN or the Baldurs, but you only ever control the one character and you wont be rolling in magic items and have a thousand spells to choose from like most D&D games.

I think that if you're a fan of western (ie D&D style) computer role playing games you'll enjoy the Witcher.
Thanks man :)

what recommanded system requirements the game needs? [/b]

Well I have a 3.4 gig processor, 2gig of RAM, but my graphics card is a geforce 7600 GT.

I have to turn some of the graphical details down to play smoothly. The game still looks good tho. A similar set-up with a better video card shouldnt have any drama's.

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