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Thinking about getting Skyrim again

Don't Skip Leg Day

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May 20, 2008
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The ***le says it all really. I've got a couple of days on my 'to play' list but nothing like Skyrim and that's what I love.

I love playing games with knights etc and although I've spent 1000s hours on my old console in Skyrim, you can now have mods on PS4 I'm thinking there's nothing even close to Skyrim (I know it's not perfect).

But with mods, I'm thinking the game deserves another 1000 hours or so.
so, I only have a switch and so only played it for the first time 2019 when it came out, I really enjoyed it....but didn't finish it, just got too samie, dungeon wise and i became too OP

played Witcher 3 last year and finished that and the DLC's and im looking forward to playing that again

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