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This is shocking...



An absolute nonsense

The citing commissioner for the Biarritz V Bath game was Irish, as was the referee, Alain Roland. Citing rules state that these two officials cannot be from the same country, and so, Biarritz hooker Benoit August, who could have been facing a two year ban after clearly eye-gouging Bath's Danny Grewcock, as got off scott free.

If the ERC can't even see their way to having the right people in place for a European Cup Semi Final, what faith can anyone put in them? If August ends up scoring the winning try in the final there will have to be one hell of an inquest.
Bullshit decison. They could have easily kept it quiet and done him in. Gouging needs to be stamped out and this was a good opportunity to set an example.
Git, fine to stamp on Henson for a little crime. Then this attack gets **** all. I would have taken such an action to the police.

I hate cheating forwards, they always sit on me so I can't get up.

Originally posted by Black-Monday@May 5 2006, 06:29 PM
I hate cheating forwards, they always sit on me so I can't get up.
Sometimes we need to sit/lie down and take a break from cleaning up the messes the backs make all match.
Complete ******** really, but why is there the need for the ref and citing commissioner to be from a different country, seems a bit of a daft requirement.

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