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  1. toup

    toup Guest

    Sorry for starting a new thread - couldn't find a better place for these which are just little things I have noticed. Hopefully other people can add some too.


    * Bringing the first receiver running onto the ball will usually get him smashed on medium and hard. It is best to use this when going to the blind-side winger, or if you have a big overlap to get the backs moving quicker.

    * Unless you are going to score a try, it is best to cut back in with the winger before you meet the fullback, to get back towards your pack and avoid a turnover.

    * Clean through? Low stamina and being caught up by the opposition? Grubbering the ball ahead and chasing it seems to use less stamina, and you also seem to be slightly quicker - just don't get tackled doing it or you will knock on.

    * Odd one this, but I'm very pleased - in multiplayer, if you retain control of the scrum half after passing to a teammate and run to the breakdown manually then you can pass the ball straight away for a quick recycle - great for quick overlaps.

    * Some set plays take longer to set up than others - classic, for example, is quick to set up and can be used pretty much any time. Make sure th ball is very secure before trying others.

    * When defending, the diving tackle is risky as you may miss, but great if you read a set play and hammer a guy as soon as he gets the ball - often dislodges the ball, hopefully resulting in a knock on! Otherwise best to just run into the man.


    * It really is worth shopping around - values do not seem to be ENTIRELY based on stats, and there are some great deals to be had - Michelak (Mallack) for example, listed as a SH is a great FH and a lot cheaper than 10s of a similar calibre.

    * Don't assume impact players should never be sold - you can get some great non-impact players much cheaper, and have money left over for a bit of squad strengthening.

    That's all I can think of for now, may add more later and hope others will too...
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  3. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    On defence, i always struggle to tackle the comp on the gainline. What i have started doing is getting a good defender (like one of your flankers but depends on the team, and position them a few metres behind the ruck. They can then follow the play and tackle players easier as they come at them from the side.

    The other tip is not to sprint too much on defence, as you fly past the attacker if you don't get it perfect leaving a nice big hole.
  4. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    So how do you do this?

    I have found that playing the ball with hands in the ruck at every ruck whether you have the ball or not seems to work more to your favour. Remember the ref is not as stringent on this in R2006.
  5. toup

    toup Guest

    Well if you play on the same team as a mate (or any other human for that matter) and you are controlling the scrum half at a breakdown, just pass the ball and then don't change player - obviously if they pass then it will change you automatically, but if they just take it straight into contact (off a pop to a forward for example) and you run straight to the breakdown then you seem to be able to pass a lot quicker.
  6. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    True true.....

    My defence in multiplayer sucks at the moment <_<
  7. toup

    toup Guest

    Definately don't sprint or dive too much, better to let them have an extra yard than fly past you for a big breakaway!
  8. top gun

    top gun Guest

    is there a way to dive on the ball if your first to a ruck....
    sometimes im first there but the player just stands there & does nothing
  9. bluesfan

    bluesfan Guest

    Tap "a" on xbox or "x" for ps2 and the player should dive on the ball. Make sure you are facing the ball of course. I've noticed sometimes a player can't scoop the ball up and even 2 or 3 guys have a go at scooping it up and they can't! Then the opposition gets it! Annoying when it happens. So try dive on it. And if all else fails try kicking the ball on the ground. I had the AI hoof the ball bout four kicks along the ground then score. I'll try post a video of it. Reminded me of Fifa somewhat. Haha.
  10. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I'd love to do the soccer kick but i am having trouble getting it to work, whats the engineering behind it. Do you have to be over or behind the ball?

  11. MCab

    MCab Guest

    Ok, so when do you send it to the FH at pace? When there's a gap on the inside, or if you're trying to make space out wide?

    Also, how the heck do you pull off a dummy switch? Do you do it near the tryline?
  12. bluesfan

    bluesfan Guest

    Heres the kick and chase. By the way it's the AI that does this to me. Reminds me of FIFA...

    Excuse the poor quality... It's taken on a camera video pxt thing.

    [EDIT] removed the vid, shocking quality... Sorry bout that guys.
  13. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    that hurt my ears :) but yeah other than that and the poor quality it would have been good if it was your try :)
  14. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    I am talking about human vs human here.

    Normally when you have momentum after a long break and have maintained possession and you can see that he has not selected quickly enough a guy to wind up for the SJRL flying defender defence.

    Yes if at any time you think that there is a hole there.

    Dummy Switch??????? That only works on dummies lol!
  15. welshy

    welshy Guest

    Defence Tips

    I really struggled with defence to start with but think I'm getting the hang of it a bit better now. I just tend to use the following rules:

    * When kicking against a decent FB (eg. Robinson) always make sure the ball goes straight out of play from your 22 and well out so that a quick throw can't be taken. Then always kick for space the rest of the time otherwise they'll kill you. This is true for any FB mind. But with quick ones it's hard to get them with a disorganised defence.

    * I tend to always use normal defence unless the opp are right on my goal line in which tight works better - obviously use kick defence if the opp have the ball in their own 22 or have been kicking a lot.

    * Once the defence is lined up select a player who is hanging around at the back of the ruck and use them as a sweeper and to fill in any gaps around the fringes and always expect the opponent to break the tackle or offload - then you can't get caught by it. I always used to get beaten by pop passes around the fringes when I left the defence up to the AI as they were rubbish. By taking control of a sweeper/fringe player this doesn't happen.

    * If you can be choosey go for one of your back row players and if very choosey your best tackler.

    * When the AI goes for a set play, always tackle the fly-half even if it's late. This can disrupt many of the set plays.

    * Do your best to try and stop the opp from getting any pace up - it becomes harder to defend once they do.

    One final thing I've noticed is that if you don't have defensive organisers in your team the defence is rubbish when lined up!

    Well there we go, hope this can help someone!
  16. *if the opposition is playing advantage for a penalty - high tackle, high tackle, high tackle.
  17. When the opposition are in their 22 get one of your fastest players and dive tackle at the first five and he should always knock it on unless your playing teams that run the ball alot.
  18. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Multiplayer speaking (thats all I play) and sideview.

    I used to use the sweeper defence all the time in R2005 but had forgotten it since it had been a while. Thanks Welshy for bringing it back to rememberance :bravo:

    Sweeper Defence:

    Position yourself roughly a metre behind your defensive line behind your ruck. You must have standard defence selected (default) and you must not commit any players to the ruck.

    The sweeper defence is one of the hardest styles to learn as for a fair chunk of the play your player is out of the screen. The secret is to know where he is as you are controlling him offscreen. Basically you just move across field in line with the ball carrier on the opposition. When your opponent decides to engage and move forward to take on your line you will see the player you are controlling. Until may be outta the screen for a while. DO NOT panick and rush forward so you can see your man as this may cause all sorts of problems against a skilled human opponent.

    Move forward only into your line when he decides to move forward and meet your line. Even then do not RUSH! You are you are basically allowing your AI to tackle first and if a gap has been exploited then you make your "sweeper" tackle.

    The philosophy behind the sweeper defence is 2 fold. Safety and numbers to the turnover. Because you are not commiting to the rucks any players the theory is that you will have more numbers spread along your d-line. This theoretically in R2005 created more turnovers as you often had more players around each ruck even if they were not commiting to it. However, the beauty of this is that there will be some players at each ruck who will AUTOMATICALLY commit.....and according to another turnover theory which leans towards "star" players with certain stats being in the vicinity of a ruck (the proximity theory) then you will have a higher percentage of this happening when it comes to numbers...especially in the backline movements as your opponent attacking out wide normally has less attackers (if he is playing possession and is putting players into each ruck.

    Now if you have mastered the SJRL defensive style of the flying attacker then you can alternate that style with the sweeper defence to confuse your opponent. The secret is to know when and where to use each one. The flying attacker style is an offensive defensive style however it has many draw backs with your AI often (for some funny reason) deciding to not cover the centre/wing hole or other stuff ups so you take a risk using it if they get around the outside of your flyer. I :bravo: would suggest to use the sweeper defence as your default and only put the heat on with your flyer defence if you feel there are enough numbers in your d-line to more than cater for your opponents numbers in attack.

    Player conversion when playing the sweeper defence is also another option however I would use this with extreme have to be sure if you are going to convert that as soon as you do you are definitely going to make the tackle. This is because in R2005 if you converted away from your sweeper to another guy then the sweeper often rn back in the direction of the previous ruck. If they have changed his strange behaviour in R2006 then this will make player conversion a viable option in sweeper defence...knowing that your sweeper is still there at the back as a secondary line.

    After a while you will begin to anticipate where and how your human opponet will attack. Most times it will be in a hole in your line (which you will fill as a sweeper by moving up to meet him when he goes to that hole) or he will draw and pass to put another player into that hole (which you will loiter in the proximity of both ball carrier and reciever getting ready to tackle the receiver running into a supposedly hole). Luckliy for now R2006 does not execute quicker longer miss passes (except on set plays) otherwise the sweeper would be beaten by that as human players try and pass the ball away from the opponents human controlled on feld player.

    Good luck :)
  19. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    When playing multiplayer and about to do a grubber aim one way when starting th grubber then aim the other way when releasing the kick.

    Good way of sending your human opponent the wrong way if they are the type that backs off to pick up grubbers rather than go in for the tackle.
  20. wkl

    wkl Guest

    It might just be me but I feel you win scrums easier if you feed it and push back and hooking it before you push back fowards.
  21. android_FURY

    android_FURY Guest

    If a fullback or other player is about to take a mark and you have a fast player chasing the kick do a sprinting dive tackle after he catches it. There are no penalties for late hits but a few times ive been awarded a scrum despite the player taking a mark.

    If you have a quick winger use the 'miss' set play with triangle, he does a chip for the winger, who almost always seems to regather it and if the fullback is up in the line its a try every time. (you need the ruck or scrum to be near touch to use it otherwise it goes out on the full)

    Beware the cross kick option, its quite difficult to line up and if you miss it or miss the tackle the winger scores almost every time.
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