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Tool CD Rules Again!!



To start i would just like to say, man it good to be back, ive been away from here for a while on the toolnavy forums. Soo being away ive come back and thought why doesnt this forum have a music segment, apart from "what are you listening to?"

Any way second and main. How do you like the new TOOL cd? most of you probabaly dont have it, but i recomend it. I got it about half a month in advance and so ive had a while to diguest such a deep album, and the awnser is if you havent experienced it yet is YOU must go and get it!

Heres a review if you want some thingmore to read...

I love TOOL. I've loved them since first hearing the "Opiate" EP back in 1992, and both "Undertow" and "Aenima" are two of my favorite heavy rock albums of the Nineties. But lately, I would be lying if I didn't say that TOOL was starting to make me a little…fidgety. Like RADIOHEAD, the group has taken its fans on a journey with its more recent material that sometimes didn't seem to have a definite roadmap (I'd be curious to know how many RADIOHEAD fans listen to "Kid A" more than "OK Computer").

When initially hearing 2001's "Lateralus", TOOL's last album before the new "10,000 Days", I had a sort of forced enthusiasm just because I was glad to hear the sound of the band whose previous effort â€" "Aenima", released way back in '96 â€" had had such a powerful effect on me. But after a couple of spins, I never went back to "Lateralus" â€" the always tense relationship between the band's heavier musical assault and its artier, more exploratory stylings seem to be tipping in favor of the latter, leading to songs that became less focused and more meandering even as they stayed long or got even longer. Of course, the band's superb musicianship, pristine sound and Maynard James Keenan's impassioned vocal delivery remained treasured components of this unique band's sound.

Fast forward another five years to 2006 and the return of TOOL with its fourth full-length studio effort. All the elements are in place â€" the brilliant playing (especially from guitarist Adam Jones), the atmospheric overall sound and Keenan's crystalline voice â€" but the tension has grown between the two sides to TOOL's schizoid musical personality. Opener "Vicarious" (also the CD's first single) is a classic TOOL hard hitter that doesn't fully sink in for two or three listens but ultimately is as powerful a track as "Stinkfist" or "Intolerance". The lyrics â€" dealing with our society's obsession with reality TV, televised mayhem and the "if it bleeds, it leads" form of journalism â€" are about as direct as Keenan has ever gotten.

"Jambi" follows with a zigzagging, almost thrash-like riff from Jones that leads into another steady buildup and explosive finale. But by the third and fourth songs, "Wings for Marie Pt. 1" and "10,000 Days (Wings Pt. 2)", the group begins to stretch out, the melodies grow less distinct and the tunes become extended, introspective collages instead of true songs. Lyrically, these two are an entirely different story: Keenan deals on a painfully honest level with the death of his mother, who passed away in 2003 after suffering from the aftereffects of a stroke for 27 years (or very nearly 10,000 days). As musically split as the album is, Keenan has delved into more personal subject matter on this disc than ever before.

The rest of "10,000 Days", all 77 minutes of it, follows a similar pattern: moments of precision, artfully heavy rock interspersed with long expanses of exploration and experimentation that sometimes makes the listener want to tell the band to just get on with it. Short, cryptic instrumental passages like "Lipan Conjuring" and "Lost Keys" seem like filler, of which there should really be none from a band that makes albums at such a leisurely pace. Yet at the same time, "The Pot" features an almost funky groove beneath more excellent Jones guitar work and another forceful vocal from Keenan, making it one of TOOL's most immediate and compelling songs in years.

With the eight full songs (out of 11 tracks) all clocking in at over six minutes, and two of them going well past the 11-minute mark, it appears that the exploratory side of TOOL is taking more and more precedence over the band's heavier, sharper roots. It doesn't need to be said that the band is free to write and play what it chooses, and needs to follow whatever musical path calls to it. But the results are alternately breathtaking and frustrating, with self-indulgence sometimes beating out innovation. With "10,000 Days", the members of TOOL deserve credit for staying completely true to themselves, but who and what they are remains a partially intriguing, partially maddening riddle that fans will no doubt stay intent on solving.

- Don Kaye

I must say you all probably hate me now but i really dont mind, i have to show every1 this! haha

fair nuff...everyones entitled to there views...we shud have a review thread..movies,games,albums etc
damn... to write such a long stuff, you MUZZ be bored...
but yeh, i'm waiting for em to come out on *REMOVED*.. :p
Tool are a band which I feel could be a band I like, but its they don't just do it for me.
tool sucks. there songs are far too long, and simmilar.

i really started to hate them when they did a show down here a few years ago, so the radio played there songs even more, so they went even longer, of more of the same stuff. and then apc came and killed john lennon
Must agree with you jinxed_nz, awesome band, but this album jumps between Tool in top gear then them ******* around. Good parallel with Radiohead. WIll still go see them regardless, 10000 Days just isn't quite what many Tool fans were probably hoping for.

Good, but not great.
Originally posted by sambãd5@May 15 2006, 05:59 AM
tool sucks. there songs are far too long, and simmilar.

i really started to hate them when they did a show down here a few years ago, so the radio played there songs even more, so they went even longer, of more of the same stuff. and then apc came and killed john lennon
I hate them because I dont like them.
Originally posted by Serge@May 16 2006, 10:12 PM
Not really a fan but I agree there should be a music subforum.
Good call, possibly a review section too for movies, cds, tv, games etc???
Originally posted by allblacksfreak@May 15 2006, 01:32 AM
damn... to write such a long stuff, you MUZZ be bored...
but yeh, i'm waiting for em to come out on *REMOVED*.. :p
Haha it has been out on *REMOVED* sence about april 17th i think. i got it april 20th. but neway to simbad5, you obviously dont understand what kind of band Tool is and that is fine they are not for everyone but to me every Tool song is completely different with message and musically. The band is one of the most talented around and if you could take the time to listen to all they had to offer and what all the lyrics where actually trying to say, it would blow your mind. However if you dont have the time for music like this then i suggest that maybe you should stop talking about what you dont understand by comparing 2 totally different bands! :zzz:
*cough*... look at this:

"10,000 Days" -- currently the No. 1 album on the Billboard chart with 564,000 copies sold.

From the looks of things, Tool's faithful followers couldn't stand another minute of malnourishment. Nearly 564,000 rushed right out to record stores to devour 10,000 Days. The result? Tool have reclaimed Billboard's albums chart throne. According to the latest SoundScan data, 10,000 Days becomes Tool's second-straight LP to debut at #1 (Lateralus opened on top with week-one sales topping 555,000).

All in all, it was a strong week for rock and roll. Of the 14 newcomers to the upcoming chart, nine are rock bands, including Pearl Jam, whose latest, self-***led release â€" the band's first in nearly four years â€" follows at #2 with 279,000 scans.
Both Tool and Perfect circle are awsome bands, they usually have pretty well thought out lyrics that go over all sorts of things, and not just the next girl they wanna date or which gansta they shot last.

Definately gonna get that album now jinxed, good review.
Nice, my brother told me he's picking it up tomorrow, I'll go over and listen to the whole thing.
if your lucky you might get the limited edition cd with holigraphic glasses. it sounds goofy but it makes the art work look awsome and 3d!
I have heard of Tool and haven't gotten round to listening to there stuff unfortunently, I may do in the near future though...

Good to see you back, I hope you share the same musical interest's as I do, unlike 99.9999999999999999999% of this forum..
Must admit Ben that you, Serge and Gjohn have similar tastes to myself, and find it quite interesting to see every now and then what you guys will throw at me by posting here. As the odd time it's a band I haven't heard before, and nothing better than being introduced to new, good music :)
Haha its a shame really isnt it. I love music its one of my favourite things to do, when i just sit back and listen to some awsome music. To Air Ben, If you like awsome riffs and some great solos then Toll is for you. Its not a angry Hard always yelling band though. The lyrics are very thoughtout and everything is done for a reason. And if you listen cearfully to some tracs in a cirten way you can hear other messages *cough* intension. I still dont no what the message behind the last track is though.
If you are new though i suggest listening to the albem AEnima. I think its the best one.
Originally posted by jinxed_nz@May 25 2006, 10:48 PM

If you are new though i suggest listening to the albem AEnima. I think its the best one.
I think Lateralus is easier listening, if you're into a softer sound. It's true what Jinx say about other intentional messages in the music and I often find ways to relate certain lyrics or songs to aspects of my life. Ben I posted a link earlier that takes you to their site, give it a listen if you haven't already.

Maybe we could get this thread moved to a Music topic under the off topic section.Admin intersted in doing this?

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